Hail Caesar Ancients Practice Game # 2

So after Game 1 introducing the basics, for Game 2 I added light infantry, skirmishers, Elephants and Scorpios.

So Alan commanded the Carthaginian right and Russ the left with Robert on the Roman right and Steve on the left. Below is part of Roberts force…legionnaires…Auxilia cavalry, scorpio’s with Russ’s hordes in the distance.

Below is Russ’s troops with some of his nasty warbands.

Elephants, what is an Ancients game without, ELEPHANTS.

And they look so good, Alan fielded 2! I put some ruins in middle of his deployment zone just to upset his deployment!

Russ sent his skirmishing Numidian light cavalry round the flank… as one would and should.

Legionnaires bracing for impact of Gallic Cavalry.

Roman right flank secured by a pond, however the stream gets to be troublesome. The 2 archer units are formed light infantry supporting flank of the heavies…with cavalry in further support.

In go the Numidians…supported by javelin men…while cavalry and heavy infantry hit the legionnaires.

Its not looking good for Robert a few turns on. A light infantry unit lost combat but couldn’t retire over the stream so popped(or that’s how I read rules!). Else where his legionnaires have been decimated.

On the other flank…Alan is till trying to move. Steve advanced…sloooowwlllllyyyy.

Russ sent his Warbands in against Roman auxilia infantry…..archers then spears…it was not pretty….really should have pull a trail of dead bodies behind them.

Robert had ordered his second command to advance…he rolled a 12…they blundered and retired….we can see them now advancing back on in top right below. Thankfully Russ’s troops on hill also were not that keen on fighting either. But his left side command was certainly having a good time.

Alan is still sitting on his hill looking at Steve……still sllloowwwwlllyyy advancing(well…to be honest it probably did not qualify as an advance).

And that was it. I give the game to Russ and his Carthginians. I gave each player too many units for only their 2nd game of Hail Caesar and coupled with some terrible rolling for orders meant not as much combat as anticipated. Lesson learned. My Bad. Next time will be smaller commands. Good run through of rules so some more rules not understood.

Now whisky of the week is the Dalwhinnie 15.

To be honest, have not been that overly impressed, bought it based on reviews( and real hot price!) and so probably expected more. It is pleasant enough… just not that interesting. Oh well…they can’t all be great can they.

Tasting notes are:

Nose: Aromatic, toffee, fruit salad, lush nectarine, custard. Floral, apple blossom, honeysuckle. Apple peels, pear, touch of smoke.

Palate: Malty. Walnuts steeped in manuka honey with vanilla sponge. Gentle smoke weaves its way through the cereal with a touch of spice.

Finish: Long, malty, walnut, almond.

I think after reading the tasting notes again it makes sense, have been into Sherry bombs of late and they tend to explode with flavour. Yum Yum.

Now the next few games coming are a Napoleonic Game, then we venture into new Oceans with games of 2 of Warlord Games naval releases in ‘Black Seas’ then ‘Victory at Sea’.

Should be fun!

Hail Caesar Ancients Practice #1

Games of Ancients has been on a bit of a back burner for years as lots of Napoleonics/ACW has been played. So I decided to slowly introduce the group to some Ancients play using Warlord Games ‘Hail Caesar’ rules. Now as these were mostly written by the same chaps as ‘Black Powder’ they have a certain familiarity to them that hopefully will make the rule set transition easier.

So for Practice #1 we had 3 players a side with one side using my Early Imperial Romans and the other Alans Carthaginians and PauW’s Iberians. So Russ/Rob/Steve were Romans and Robert/Alan/Terry(me) were the enemy. So I dispensed with artillery, ranged fire and skirmishers for this game to just keep the game mechanics as easy as possible for all of us.

So below we have the Romans on the left and the Africans/Spanish on the right.

Each player had 2 Divisions of troops….each Division was 4 units. Below we can see 4 Warbands…nasty shock units…9 attacks in first round of combat.

On the flank I was on it was a cavalry fight between Romans and Iberians…..units were all medium cavalry with spears…so it came down to good dice rolling and help from supporting units….I failed at this!

Russ used his legionnaires very well and the use of supports really helped him control his sector.

At the left top you can see a warband really pushing the Romans back while a solid Roamn line is holding to the right.

Carthaginian Heavies supported by mediums.

Cavalry preparing to run down the flank.

And a close up of cavalry charging into Legionnaires.

And that was Game 1 where we practiced game play and learning the rules. Plan is next game to add some light troops etc and introduce some more rules, and better understand ones from tonite.

Now, rather than the Whisky of the Week , I have been enjoying a beer with games of late and in the spirit of all things Latin….it is a Peroni.

Til next time, Terry out.

Lockdown and Production Update October 2021

So that sneaky virus has managed to infiltrate Fortress New Zealand once again…..in late August….. and the borders once again resemble a block of Swiss Cheese……..

Now for those of us not in Auckland it was 2 weeks at Level 4 followed by 1 week at level 3. This basically means stay home….. in my case…I was told had to go to work…..how annoying. Poor old Auckland is still locked up….they may be allowed out by Xmas(hopefully this year)This has meant minimal hobby time as been a bit busy….especially as the eldest daughter and the boyfriend moved in while between flats for a month(and the lads gaming machine was put on landing by my paint table…meaning I couldn’t paint as too noisy)…..but some progress has been made.

Now first is another unit of Byzantine Heavy Kavallarioi. I have just based them as I didn’t get the right shields or decals and so had to do an order to Gripping Beast and at the moment orders take 4-6 to make it out here to the ‘Hermit Kingdom’. A big thank you to Gripping Beast for buying Front Rank Miniatures as well! So figures are Gripping Beast, shield decals and banner from LBM.

The figures are mainly from a SAGA box set I picked up in a sale. So I decided to use the ‘Warlord’ or General figure in the unit. Was fun to paint as I played around with a box set of Army painter washes I have on the figure. Happy with result. I have adopted a mainly consistent approach to armour…leather etc across all the Byzantine units with slight variation on the ochres and browns and then differing washes.

The next unit is one of Byzantine Infantry. Again from Gripping Beast and decals/banner from LBM. The unit is 2 ranks of long spears and then bows at the back.

And a close up.

This brings my Byzantine force up to 2 Heavy Kavallarioi, 1 light Kavallarioi and 2 Infantry units. Next up is a 2nd light Kav unit to finish off a Division of 4. Below is photo of the force.

Now about an hour before Lockdown started at midnight there was a knock at the door and Goldie had turned up to hand over some Front Rank Wurttemberg Jager he had just finished for me to base for him. Now I have finished the basing and returned them, but being an idiot did not take finished picture. So here is one of the 3 oval bases part based. Will steal them back for a photo shoot!

Next are 2 Bttns of Austrian Grenz for my 1809 force. These are the 2 bttns of Grenzer Regiment No 13 Wallacho-Illyrian with the figures being Front Rank.

Still being worked on are a Bttn of 1809 French to add to Friant’s Division. This is the first of the 108th Ligne’s bttn’s. Figures are Front Rank Reinforcement pack figures. Am going for a non parade look…so making look bit scruffy with stained uniforms using some Army Painter inks.

Next up are some light infantry and skirmishers for my Romans. A bit of Ancients Gaming is starting so was time added some light units to my Legions.

Now Alan and Goldie have started painting the Prussian Hordes for the Franco Prussian War. The French plastic infantry have not been released yet for me to paint thankfully. But below are some of Alan’s figures.

Til Next time….Terry out.

Hail Caesar Game: Rome v Carthage/Macedonia

So managed a trial game of Hail Caeser, its been a few years so we took it slow, made incorrect rulings which the post game analysis picked up, but thats the idea of the game!

Here are some pictures.

Pete and I used early Imperial Romans and we played against Craig using scratch force of Macedonians with Galatians and Alan and his Carthaginian force.

My Romans got severly smacked……serious inability to hit or make saving throws. Pete blundered his legionaires off table but returned to do some decent damage on Alan, but my Romans in the end were goneburger.

Lesson learned……warbands have 5+ saves and not 4+!

Lesson learned…..Elephants are unpleasant.


Craigs Macedonian/Galatian’s

Petes Romans

Alans Carthagians

Terrys Romans

Alan advances with Petes troops blundering off table


Craig charges into my Archers…manage dto hold and hit warband in flack with cohort…didn’t go well for the cohort…Warband held…and the follow up unit hit the cohort. Pop!

My cohorts…who did not hang around for long!

There were more pictures but..can’t seem to load them……if succeed will add in.

Will play some more games in October(time for Fiji holiday in the sun!)

Roman reinforcements – Balearic Slingers

So new addition to Roman army is a single unit or could be fielded as 2 small units of skirmishing Balaeric Slingers.

These are Warlord Games metal figures and are quite nice sculpts, minimal flash or mould lines and a nice change from Napoleonics.(I know…how can this be…maybe they have a different sculptor to other metals of theirs I have purchased!)

Unit of skirmishimg slingers on 20mm round bases.

Close up of unit, there are 5 differing poses which makes for a nice mix. Went with a sky grey tunic, scarlett cloak highlighted blood red and dwarf flesh with just an ink and re highlight. 4 or 5 hair colours and leather slings/sandles. Bronze clasp on cloak and thats about it. Nice, simple colours and relaxing to paint.

Action shot…hiding amongst ruins on a hillside.

So that’s brief dabble back into Ancients.

Paint table has a unit of Austrian Chevau Legers, Rosenbergs for my 1809 army just finishing basing(Goldie has painted them for..was only meant to do troopers but he got carried away and painted horses as well). Beside them are the 12 horses for the 2nd half of my Russian Hussars which I will do next. Goldie has taken away a Russian 3 gun horse battery to paint, and I will carry on painting the 24 Perry Cossack horses after the Russian Hussars.

Fun fun!!




My first Early Imperial Roman Army were 15mm Mikes Models figures. They really looked like small, squat dwarves. Probably close to those dwarves in the Hobbit movie. It was so long ago I bought them by getting 2 pound postal notes and sending them to the UK for the figures!

Then in the early 2000’s a group of us did a big order to Foundry when they had a sale…about only time you could afford to buy in bulk(postage and VAT is a killer and they do charge TOP $$). So I purchased an EIR army. Most of the army was painted by Craig Watterson for me and it was based to play Piquet ancient rules. Then Warhammer Ancient battles was released, and that was it…..a rule system I could get into, nice fluffy books written by enthusiasts and with nice pictures!

With the demise of WAB, the figures languished in boxes. Then Hail Caesar was released….and as I kind of understand Black Powder…it was an easy rule transition to make. I find am getting old(some would say grumpy, at times a justified comment!) and limited ability to learn new rule sets so Terry was a happy man.

So last Xmas I started a rebase of my troops. I have based units onto 60mm x 60mm bases with 3 bases making a unit for infantry and 6 for cavalry(3 bases wide and 2 deep). Formed infantry units are of around 20 figures per unit and cavalry are 2 figures to a base. The Army are a base of Foundry metal figures, I have added some Newline legionnaires at one stage and more recently there are Warlord Games units added. There are lots more to paint and about 5 years ago I bought some lovely A&A 2nd Century Romans which will be getting started on soon. These will be seperate infantry and cavalry commands. I also have a 10th century Byzantine Army which from time to time feels some paint love.

The Army as it currently stands has 4 infantry and 2 cavalry commands

The Emperors Command group is quite large and strong, 2 Units of veteran Legionnaires, 1 unit Praetorians, 1 unit Cataphracts, 2 units Auxila, 1 unit Scorpios and 2 small units of archers. Not decided exactly how to base my skirmishers…working on it.

Infantry Command 1 of 4 units Legionnaires, 1 small unit Auxilia archers, unit Scorpios and small skirmish unit of archers.

Infantry Command 2 of 4 units Legionnaires and small unit skirmishing archers. A Scorpio unit will be added.

Infantry Command 3 of 3 units of Auxila, 1 unit Celts, unit Scorpios and small unit of archers.

Cavalry Command 1 of 2 units Auxila Cavalry. They will be getting 2 more units of cavalry.

Cavalry Command 2 of 1 unit and 1 small unit of Auxilia Cavalry. I have managed to get some more Foundry cavalry on Trade me(NZ’s ebay) so will expand the small unit out. They will also be getting 2 more units of cavalry.

Casualty markers – these dice are to big so will get dice to match shield colour of units, and are smaller. Have 10 at moment but making more so every unit has one allocated.

The Emperor, enough said!

Foundry Praetorians

Foundry Legionnaires, they used several sculptors hence differing size of figures. There is a Newline hidden in there as well.

Warlord Games Legionnaires. Good size and style match for the Foundry figures.

Foundry Auxilia

Warlord Games Auxilia. Tower over the Foundrys!

Foundry Auxila Cavalry

Warlord Games Auxila Cavalry, really nice figures.


Foundry archers. Have both Eastern and Western archers in mix.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum…..

Well, actually Group member Alan painted these, they are Warlord Games figures. Then Victrix bought out theirs and Alan decided to sell these on Trade Me(local ebay) and invest in new figures. I boosted the price on Trade Me several times as you do…then got left holding them. Not that complaining, they fit in and I have a small unit of Foundry Celts painted so will add a few more to them and boost up to a second Warband.

Foundry Archers. Am allowed up to 2 skirmish units per command so will add some more skirmishers. Have some Balaeric slingers and Greek javelinmen to add.

The paint table looking tidy with selected Romans units to add.

Close up of what will be coming off the production line. There’s 4 command packs of Generals to go on command bases. A unit of metal Auxilia cavalry, the Balaeric slingers(2 small units), a battery of 3 Scorpios , an Onager, a unit of Auxilia infantry and a unit of Veteran legionnaires. After these will add some more Cavalry. All purchased either on Warlord deals or sale at local Online Retailer, Mighty Ape.

Then will move onto the camp command. Have some wagons, mules, engineers etc plus will look to the new ‘Gangs of Rome’ range for some camp followers.


Whats on the paint table?

At the moment Russ is busy painting a Ptolemaic Army.

Below are some pictures of some completed Victrix Greek Heavy Cavalry models.

Russ’s comments are ‘Big, nicely sculpted horses that I have happily fitted to larger bases to fit’.
And here is the Roman component of the Ptolemaic army.
Mostly Wargames Foundry with one Wargames Illustrated Giants in Miniature and two Warlord Games figures.
Decals are from Vini Vedi Vici.
And in case you are wondering, the bases will be finished with rest of army when all are painted.
Very nicely painted Russ.