Hail Caesar Game: Rome v Carthage/Macedonia

So managed a trial game of Hail Caeser, its been a few years so we took it slow, made incorrect rulings which the post game analysis picked up, but thats the idea of the game!

Here are some pictures.

Pete and I used early Imperial Romans and we played against Craig using scratch force of Macedonians with Galatians and Alan and his Carthaginian force.

My Romans got severly smacked……serious inability to hit or make saving throws. Pete blundered his legionaires off table but returned to do some decent damage on Alan, but my Romans in the end were goneburger.

Lesson learned……warbands have 5+ saves and not 4+!

Lesson learned…..Elephants are unpleasant.


Craigs Macedonian/Galatian’s

Petes Romans

Alans Carthagians

Terrys Romans

Alan advances with Petes troops blundering off table


Craig charges into my Archers…manage dto hold and hit warband in flack with cohort…didn’t go well for the cohort…Warband held…and the follow up unit hit the cohort. Pop!

My cohorts…who did not hang around for long!

There were more pictures but..can’t seem to load them……if succeed will add in.

Will play some more games in October(time for Fiji holiday in the sun!)

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