Borodino Refight

On the 28/29th March 2020 the group is refighting the Battle of Borodino over 2 days. At this stage it looks like 7 or 8 players aside with the game being played at a 50% ratio to actual orbats.

This event will be gamed at the Seatoun RSA/Bowling Club in the suburb of Seatoun in Wellington where we have hired the bar area which is large enough to cater for our 3 x 24 foot tables! It also means we have free access to the bar and there is a cafe and boutique pub next door. A perfect location.

The amazing Paul Weakley has been diligently working away making terrain boards to cover the central table which will be 6 6×4 foot boards. Early pictures of 2 of the boards are below.

This is part of the board around Gorki with its fleches.

And this is an early look at the main Redoubt , wolf pits to the front and one of my 12lb batteries positioned inside it.

We are fortunate that friend Peter of Von Peters Wargaming Madness has a selection of Russian Buildings which I have confiscated for the game.

Fo the Bagration Fleches I have souced some resin fieldworks from Paul’s Modelling Workshop. Paul has been wonderful to deal with in helping me sort out which pieces I need. They are winging there way to NZ at moment , but here are some pictures off the website.


They will come unpainted, you can order them painted but I need to match them to the terrain boards.

Thats all for now, future upadtes as we get closer to the big game.







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