Roman reinforcements – Balearic Slingers

So new addition to Roman army is a single unit or could be fielded as 2 small units of skirmishing Balaeric Slingers.

These are Warlord Games metal figures and are quite nice sculpts, minimal flash or mould lines and a nice change from Napoleonics.(I know…how can this be…maybe they have a different sculptor to other metals of theirs I have purchased!)

Unit of skirmishimg slingers on 20mm round bases.

Close up of unit, there are 5 differing poses which makes for a nice mix. Went with a sky grey tunic, scarlett cloak highlighted blood red and dwarf flesh with just an ink and re highlight. 4 or 5 hair colours and leather slings/sandles. Bronze clasp on cloak and thats about it. Nice, simple colours and relaxing to paint.

Action shot…hiding amongst ruins on a hillside.

So that’s brief dabble back into Ancients.

Paint table has a unit of Austrian Chevau Legers, Rosenbergs for my 1809 army just finishing basing(Goldie has painted them for..was only meant to do troopers but he got carried away and painted horses as well). Beside them are the 12 horses for the 2nd half of my Russian Hussars which I will do next. Goldie has taken away a Russian 3 gun horse battery to paint, and I will carry on painting the 24 Perry Cossack horses after the Russian Hussars.

Fun fun!!



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