A couple of games….April 2021

So I have managed to fit a couple of games into a hectic life the past few weeks….partner had a birthday with a 0 on it..so that went on for a few days…..and $$$$….work is taking more of my time…..darn it……but have managed to fit in 2 games.

The first game was a Napoleonic game using my Russians against friend Murray and his Prussians. Murray has not been playing many games, our last one was with 6mm Marlboroughians late last year so its been a while.

So Murrays Prussians are 2 Prussian brigades from the battle of Gross-Beeren and are all lovely Calpe figures and all superbly painted. His units are larger than mine as he has 36 figure foot and 30 figure cavalry units!

So I set up a game where my Russians are attacking a holding force of Prussians with them having reinforcements marching on. This was to be a training game for Murray on Blackpowder rules and hopefully one where he could happily move his figures around and have some fun.

So below we have the set up. My Russians are on the left and are attacking across a stream with Murray defending a lone of 2 villages with a wood in between. His reserves are advancing from the left baseline. I am using my Grenadiers but they are playing as standard Musketeers.

A look down Murrays lines from his right flank.

Murrays reserves marching on. Decided share pictures of the Prussians more than my Russkies. They get enough coverage!

So below I am in teacher mode and showing Murray what happens if you charge a village frontally, with supports without first using artillery to damage the defending troops. It didn’t go well for the attackers. I lost the attacking unit, one of the supports also retired.

On the Prussians right flank Murray sent his skirmishers rushing forward to get to the wood on my left flank. I explained what would happen if they didn’t make it .They didn’t make it so. So I charged them with my Hussars and their pointy sticks. The skirmishers evaded…but only one move so I contacted them and carried on to attack the line which couldn’t shoot or form square. They are about to lose combat and the battery then pops as well.

So next turn Murray charges me with his 2 units of Leib Hussars. I destroy the attacking unit but am shaken so I retire.

Murrays next turn catches my damaged Hussars and they pop, but he is shaken and retires…but ends up in front of a battery and I have troops in the wood who joined in shooting the Leib Hussars. Result..no more Leib Hussars.

Back on the Prussian left Murray has pounced on my failed attack on the village and is pouring units into this flank. He used the sharpshooters on the village to keep inflicting damage, and charged into my damaged units.

And a final shot of the Prussians who defeated my right flank, then held the centre and even though I had the left flank…my brigade there had blundered and retired a move back and I ceded the battle to the Prussians.

Well done to Murray.

Next game v Murray be in a couple of weekends.

The second battle was Nick teaching me to play Bolt Action. This is a Warlord Games 28mm WW2 skirmishy game which we played on on 6 x 4 table. I have lots of stuff for a German 1944 force..just not assembled or painted. This may hopefully kick me into life and paint some!

I didn’t end up taking to many photos so be short report. I had a force of German Paras v US Paras somewhere in Normandy. I had no idea what I was doing or what the troops could do, so expectations not high. Thankfully Nick is a teacher by profession so he made learning easyish for me. Below I have a sniper and spotter in top floor of a ruin and a STUG rumbling down a road. Nick supplied the armies and I asked for a STUG as trying to assemble my 2nd one…..the first effort will never be seen by anyone! Yanks across road in field running for other side, another squad behind brocage as well as a mortar team.

Shot of village with one of my 3 squads advancing for the village with the officer and his offsider following. I had 3 squads, the one with the close assualt weapons I set up over in woods where should have put this rifle quad. Dumb dumb…need figure out weapons on squad next time. The heavy machine gun is about to get destroyed…need place better.

My high water moment…well really my only moment to be honest. I dropped a mortar shot on top of it…had to throw lots of 6s…and did. That was fun, I like throwing lots of dice! Unfortunately when rolled for the bazooka team on it…rollled a 1 so they escaped…darn it.

And my last picture…was to engrossed in game from here on and forgot. But I did whittle this squad in field down with machine gun fire from STUG and squad that I got into the red building. Squad that I got into greyish building on left of photo did not go so well..or assault squad out in a wood…or the mortar team…or….next time!

So that was a game of Bolt Action. Did enjoy it….learned lots and am looking forward to next game using the same army. Basic errors identified and hopefully will try and correct in next game!!

Whisky of the Week

So this editions Whisky of the week is a rather nice wee drop that Glenmorangie released at Xmas called ‘A Tale of Cake’.

Now pre Xmas a mailer popped up in my Gmail from my favorite online Whiskey merchant and one of the offerings was a new one from Glenmorangie ‘A Tale of Cake’. It sounded intriguing so I ordered 1, informed friend Weakley and he managed to grab one also before all sold.

The Whisky God at Glenmorangie is a Dr Bill and this is how the story goes on this wee drop. Recently the good doctor (he has a PhD in biochemistry, this isn’t a Doctor Who situation) found himself musing over how some of his most joyful memories involved cake, from baking with his granny to the pineapple upside-down cake his daughter made him for his birthday. So, Dr Bill did what he does best. He created a whisky that could encapsulate the joy of cake in a single malt whisky. It’s called Glenmorangie A Tale of Cake.

And who doesn’t like Xmas Cake(well normally me actually…prefer chocolate cake….but…) so this promised to be a tasty treat….and tasting notes are now following:

Nose: There’s plenty of classic Glenmorangie goodness here, orchard fruits, acacia honey and creamy vanilla initially, followed by stewed orange, golden sultanas and a little Amalfi lemon. Then there’s white chocolate and crème brûlee with hints of elderflower, a fresh wholemeal loaf and a little mint among an array of fruity elements like nectarines in syrup, dried mango and apricot yoghurt.

Palate: The palate is complex, tart and has some slightly tannic wood notes which cut through flinty minerality tones as well as tinned peaches, orange chocolate, apricot croissant and more vanilla. There are honey roasted almonds and a little dark fruit underneath. 

Finish: The finish lingers for an age with notes of marmalade, honeycomb and some fresh pear.

I still don’t get all those flavors, am a peasant at heart, but it was a mighty fine whisky at Xmas with all that Xmas cake you get as a present!

Til next time.