A return to Borodino – March 22

Seeing as the Borodino game boards are stored in the garage, I decided to use 3 of them for a game. For a change… the French would be defending and the Russians attacking! I set the game up for 6 players but alas only 4 of played on a lovely evening.

The terrain boards were the Great Redoubt down to the Fleches but without the southern woods instead I left it open and deployed cavalry brigades on the now open flank.

The French had 5 x4 bttn’s of infantry with a 2 regt light cavalry brigade on the right flank, and a 2 regt light brigade and 3 regt Dragoon brigade on the left. Their was a horse battery on each flank and 5 batteries. 2 batteries and 2 extra legere bttn’s were in reserve for the French commander to deploy when he arrived.

The Russians had 2 standard infantry divisions each of a 4 bttn Jager brigade and 2 x 4 bttn’s Musketeer brigades plus 2 large batteries. They had a light cavalry regt on the left and on the right a 2 regt light brigade and a 2 regt Dragoon brigade. I also gave them a 2 regt brigade of Uhlan’s in the centre. They also had a horse battery.

Rob was first to arrive and he chose to be French so he commanded the French. Alan walked in next just ahead of Goldie so Alan was Russian commander and Goldie 2nd French player. I then played as the 2nd Russian player. Rob took the French right v Alan and I faced off against Goldie.

The French got to fire… the Russians then got first move. Below the view from the Great Redoubt.

My Russian Hussars on the right flank! Love these guys.

Alan on the left sends his skirmish line up with the Musketeers moving up in support.

This is a few turns on….I forgot to take photos as was having to much fun. I do love Russian cavalry!! So I have lost a unit of Hussars….and surviving shaken unit is in top right corner….having cleared out the French light brigade. Both my Dragoon regts are gone….. ran off table…shaken so can’t come back! There is a shaken French Dragoon regt in the lower right corner. Goldie and I traded a number of cavalry charges…in last one I thought I had him….but I threw REAL BAD…Goldie threw REAL GOOD. The remaining 2 French Dragoon regts are on the table but not in good shape either.

On the other side of table they were getting into it!

A bit further along and is end of game time. In the centre skirmish lines and batteries traded shots and skirmish units retired and were replaced by fresh units.

On the right … well…I had a lot of fun…..my horse battery blew the French dragoons that were in the corner away…..my Uhlan’s and Goldie’s other Dragoons got into it…his Dragoons are no where to be seen anymore…..Uhlan’s followed up into infantry who popped and I had moved horse battery up to obliterate a shaken column…..Goldie shot up and destroyed the shaken Hussar unit in corner……but enough damage had been done to Goldie’s flank that it was a Russian victory on this flank.

On the other flank Alan was making good headway and was attacking the Redoubt itself! It looks in the balance here but feel Alan has his nose in front.

So that was a fun game…. I do love cavalry charges.

Next game is Black Sea’s sailing ships which will be at Alans place as a change. Rob has painted his first ship up.. the ‘Victory’ so will report how he does!

Til next time..Terry out.

Team Yankee – First game March 2022!

So the first game in a new period for me.

Team Yankee!

For the non enlightened this is combat in 1985, NATO v Soviet Pact using 15mm models/figures by Battlefront. I had decided to collect West Germans and Goldie went with Soviets. So we had been assembling and painting models, adding some scenery and were ready to go.

Now I had no idea what I was doing…what the models were or could do and had not read the rules(who needs to for first game!) so expectations…well shall we say were not high! Goldie had played 1 game v Russ so was battle hardened and well read on the equipment(I feel that was a bit over the top personally).

So picture below is the initial set up…we rolled dice and I had to set up first…then have first move. Which worked out quite well actually. Goldie is in his beach shirt…trying to pysch me out.

So my army had in it a units of 5 Leopard 2s, 3 Marder 2s, Panzergrenadiers, Jaguar 1s, M109Gs, Rolands and some red eye teams. Goldie had 3 units T64s, infantry, Hinds, Shilka’s and some trucks with rocket launchers.

So turn 1….I had 5 Leopard 2 tanks….Goldie had 13 T64’s! First shots I took out 2 T64’s.

Then the long range SPGs let rip…woohoo!! 2 tanks destroyed and 2 bailed out. Love these guys!! Bonus infantry got pinned as well…AWESOME.

Goldie send the Hinds over to obliterate the M109s and Jaguars. They are LARGE and look darn impressive.

But he fired his tanks first and 2 Leopards bailed out(you test morale next turn to see if they remount…1 did)

Then the Hinds let rip…blew up 1 M109G… and one bailed out(it remounted next turn)

My turn…..sent my PzGrs into 3 buildings…moved the Marders up in support……..and my tanks took out 4 T64’s!! 4 more can be seen in southern wood…and command tank is ordering a Big Breakfast from Macca’s!

Have removed roofs so can see the PzGrs in buildings. The left team have a Carl Gustav and the other have Milans…plus MG teams. 2 Shilkas are using the blown T64’s as cover while the Russian infantry are right are no longer pinned.

Hinds have moved across to get at my Leopards. The Rolands and Red eyes let rip..

And 1 Hind is more! One of the bailed out Leopards had been destroyed.

The Shilkas have advanced and taken out the front squad. The Russian infantry have made cover of wall.

Goldie positioning some grunts in a building.

Heh heh….have taken out the command tank and Shilkas.

and the 2nd Hind bites the deck.

So the end game and Goldie has the infantry in centre remaining…

Bigs thanks to Goldie for the game and helping me out with rules and suggestions through the game. The dice gods did favour me……so we will give it a go again in 2 weeks…..with some changes to each side as Goldie still waiting for his BMPs to arrive….and I will be adding some scout vehicles….more PzGr’s…more Leopard 2’s and reworking the Marder 2s I expect.

So fun game…liked the rules…..expect will be some discussions on what constitutes a BROKEN army that will not be allowed to be fielded! In meantime….I need to finish the painting, decaling and basing of the force then add some more units.

Til next time…Terry out.

Victory at Sea Game – Feb 2022

Somewhere in the Atlantic in 1941……..

Now we have had several practice games of gradually moving from a destroyer v destroyer to adding cruisers in games to learn the rules a bit. So as our local club Wellington Warlords had cancelled Saturday games as the hall used on Saturdays has been requisitioned as a Covid testing station, I decided to move a Thursday game to Saturday. It would also allow a full days gaming rather than 3 hours at night.

So for this game it was the Germans v the British. Russ and SteveT would be the Germans with SteveC, Goldie and Robert the British. I was on drinks and assisting the BossLady with lunch duties.

After rolling up the scenario the Germans with the Bismark, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Gniesnau would square off against the Hood, King George V, Warspite who had company in the Ark Royal(with Swordfish), 3 cruisers and 3 destroyers. The Germans had to exit the table and inflict more damage than they suffered. Simple enough.

Below we see the Kreigsmarines finest steaming full ahead. The Tirpitz and Bismark are the 2 larger vessels.

And here is a close up of the Tirpitz. Russ paint jobs.

This is the picture on turn 2. The British has deployed in line facing left on the top table edge with the line led by the destroyers, then the cruisers and the biggies in the rear. The Ark Royal was off table but had some Swordfish flights in the air. She has 15 flights. Now I didn’t agree with the British set up…but being an unbiased(well sometimes) umpire it didn’t seem the best position to be in facing a group of 4 Battleships…..a remark that was ignored as most of my comments tend to be LOL. So below we see the Germans going full speed to the right to get off table….the British destroyers and cruisers who are torpedo armed and need to get in close the the Germans…like right alongside…..to fire off their torpedoes with any effect…are going to need a miracle…..to catch them. The British battleship group is moving to intercept the Germans…the Warspite being rather old and slow is starting to fall behind. Some Swordfish are flying over them… however they are REAL slow for planes!!

A close up of the British Battleships with the Swordfish flying by.

Here is the Ark Royal sitting off table…launching one flight a turn…which move only marginally faster than the German Battlegroup.

Close up of the King George V (model says Duke of York..but…no one wants to play with the Duke of York!)

Battle scene below…Germans racing for table edge….British Battleships moving to intercept…Swordfish closing in on Germans…and British Destroyers and Cruisers trying to catch up. More flights ofSwordfish are joining the action.

Russ and SteveT had the Germans in formation so nice and compact and can unleash a lot of firepower. Players ignore size of model…you measure from the model bridge …so there is no blocking of shooting angles.

The unusual formation of the the British smaller ships……

Something for the German ships to worry about……well…..hopefully anyway….there is a lot of dedicated AA and light guns on those 4 ships to get through.

Remember the Hood… it had the misfortune to be closest the the Germans.. the red marker is her burial spot.

Remember the King George V…the red Marker is his burial spot.

But…some Swordfish’s made it to the Bismarck brought her to a halt(a chance to get underway again) and

the Scharnhorst…. and did some serious damage with all main guns being taken out. The Tirpitz and Gniesnau were relatively unscathed. The British had lost the Hood, King George, the Warspite was 1 hull point away from critical damage, they had lost a cruiser and a destroyer and a number of flights of Swordfish.

So in balance…I feel the Germans won it…….the picture below was a bit earlier ,,,,the red marker in the Hood…the King George about to get one as well.

So that was a fun game…we all got better acquainted with the rules , introduced battleships and carriers to the mix. Also need to get some of the battle card holders that Russ has. One of gamers at another local club is making them for Victory at Sea…makes admin side of game SO MUCH EASIER!.

Looking forward to the next game already. I have had a supply of Japanese planes and ships arrive from Magpie Promotions so will post an update on them and my Team Yankee force am working on next.

Next Group game is 2 weeks away….. will be a return to 1812.

Bye for now.


ACW Game Feb 2022 – Picketts Charge

So there are 2 games planned for this month, the first being an ACW game. I did a quick search online for a scenario and JaysWargamingMadness came up. Now this is a treasure trove of wargaming goodness for the uninitiated and for those interested in the American Civil War with lots of scenarios and general terrain making guidance.

There was an excellent scenario for Gettysburg July 3rd 1863 and Picketts Charge. So I adjusted it for Black Powder and set up table as below. Now over Xmas 21 break I made some more fence sections and wall sections so almost had enough for a change.

Below are the starting positions. The Union has 3 brigades, from left to right… Alan has 3 regts and a battery, Keith has 4 regts and a 2 batteries(large) and Goldie has 4 regts(3 small) and 2 batteries(large). The Union second line can only advance when the Confederates are attacking over the stone wall.

Down the far end the Confederates from left to right are Rob with 5 regts, Robert with 5 regts and Russ with 5 regts. They have 4 batteries on a low rise behind them that do not move. Pickett is also AWOL so they are on their own. The Confederates are ‘Stubborn’ and have the ‘Rebel Yell’ rules(so they reroll a miss in hand to hand and re roll any morale save they want to). They also ignore the broken brigade rule. This is all to show their desire to get over that wall. The fences and wall offer a -1 to hit from infantry fire but no help from artillery fire plus have a 6inch movement penalty.

Here they come, the Rebs are on their way.

The Rebs are getting closer. So basically the Union players have to do as much damage as they can before the Rebs get close. In turn the Rebs have to shoot up the Union troops and try and silence the Union guns before they can charge in.

Now the Rebs have formed a long firing line to pour as much lead as possoble into the Union lines. The units dropping off are disordered/shaken units left behind for now.

Rob has some good shooting and has made Union regt retire ‘Whipped’. So they are permanently shaken and will keep 12 inches away from the enemy at all times.

On far flank Russ is getting damaged a bit, those big batteries at medium range dish out some damage.

I let the Union advance their second line when the Rebs made it to the wall(trigger was meant to be when Rebs engaged over wall…but….they seemed to want to not do that and were shooting to do as much damage as they could…silly me for letting them know about the 2nd line rule).Now below Russ has charged into the Union lines. Russ was playing as Armistead who had a +1 on charging rule for his brigade.

The attack didn’t go to good at the start…Russ has one unit remaining in the line attacking.

But…. they did the damage in the end.

On the other flank…the game is done…the casualty and disorder markers have been removed…..but this is the high water moment….the Rebs made it to the wall…but they had suffered to much damage getting there and the Union 2nd line reinforcements plus all that artillery firepower saved the day.

And the final view….on the left Russ has a shaken union having won combat sitting at the wall…..with a battery looking at their flank…infantry to the front and rest of the brigade spent. While Robert in the centre and Rob on the right in the same situation. An almost…but not not quite result for the Confederate forces.

So history repeated and the Union won. Will probably redo this allowing the Confederates to move their batteries forward……some time in the future.

The next game up is a ‘Victory at Sea’ game in the Atlantic. Russ and Steve have capital ships and carriers so a full fleet action will occur so this game will be a saturday game rather than an evening so we have plenty of time.

Til next time.


So its 2022 …….

Happy New Year from the Hermit Kingdom that is New Zealand….and another year has rolled around…..and thankfully my new(as in 4 months old) laptop is back from being repaired. The less said about that the better……and the coffee machine is also in getting repaired…again….it was blowing switches when I turned it on…..not a good sign!!

So 2022 brings us 2 of the group no longer being with us. Gamer Nick has upped stakes and moved back to Auckland(aka Plague City) but I am sure he will journey south to visit with the other members of the Auckland Group when we host ‘The Big Mother Games!’. Sadly Gamer Paul Weakley has departed to the Pacific Island resort of Vanuatu where his beloved has a Diplomatic posting which will involve 4 years of consuming Champagne and Whisky around a pool…….. a task Paul is supremely equipped to excel at!

Now 2022 finished with additional periods of interest for some. For me I have started collecting for Warlord Games ‘Victory at Sea’ 1/1800 WW2 game. I had purchased some initial box sets to start IJN and US fleets but as lovely as the models are, its not a cheap period for such tiny ships and planes. So Gamer Russ who is seemingly collecting EVERY fleet in the war has been a star and sourced 2 suppliers in the UK and US who make 3D models. For a fraction of the cost of Warlord kits I have Imperial Japanese Navy reinforcements somewhere on the way to NZ. Have gone with initial order of 1 small carrier, 3 destroyers and 20 flights of planes(have 3 carriers which need 45 flights…then my cruisers need planes etc!). The planes I have selected at 1/1200 scale as Russ got an order in over Xmas and he remarked that 1/1200 may have been better scale for the planes so I went with them. Since my order was sent Russ has been talking with the wonderful chap in the UK and he has made changes to the planes position on their bases. An in depth article including suppliers details will be made when they are here!!

The second new period for me is Battlefronts ‘Team Yankee’ which is a 1985 NATO v Soviets game with 15mm models. So have gone with West Germans, cajoled Gamer Goldie into doing Soviets and the bonus is Russ has several armies already. Perfect.

Elsewhere in Gaming Group Alan has purchased a Bavarian Napoleonic army of the new Victrix range which I checked out the other day and they do look awesome. Goldie is working through Republican Romans and Keith has started on an army Box of Warlord Games Successors(I handed over a box of Victrix Mercenary Hoplites to help him along as well) so looking forward to some good games of Ancients this year.

No pictures this time……just a quick post to start the year now laptop back!

Until next time…..which will be a report on WW2 wee ships game.


Black Sea’s

Now Alan and Russ have been collecting Warlord Games ‘Black Sea’s and have a number of sailing ships so I asked Alan if he would run an introductory game. I mean, what Wargamer has not read Hornblower, Bolitho, Ramage etc novels and wants to command a sailing ship!

So Alan set up a piece of blue cloth with 4 ships a side, each of a 3rd rater and 5th rater(Frigate). The British on the left were commanded by Rob in the top and Alan in the bottom of table. On the right with French were Steve and Goldie, with Russ commanding 2 Spanish in the bottom right. The wind was blowing directly down the table and 2 islands were in the center.

The Spanish ships with the French in the background.

Here are Alans 2 British ships.

Here we have a Frenchie moving forward. The base set comes with the dinky measureing sticks etc that you need.

Alan had purchased a bunch of flickering lights that were in the cotton wool so we had a great look to the shooting.

Close up of shooting…quite cool really.

Battle Kiwi have made some very cool battle boards to record vessel stats in as well.

Its quite an attractive game, it got VERY LOUD.

But did feel game got a bit slow with each player commanding 2 ships…and all relatively new to game…it did go a bit sllloowwww…but then I was watching and not playing.

And below we have a British ship sailing between 2 Spanish…..which as it turned out…was not a recommended activity.

As we can now see…or rather not see that British ship.

Now its end game in the south….and a British ship is crippled…on fire and has struck its colours.

What would Nelson say.

So that was the first game of Black Sea’s for most players…..its was loud….seemed lot of fun…..roll on the next on. Alan and Russ have painted up some really nice models and it looks a fun game.

Til next time.


Somewhere in Belgium…….

Hello again from the Hermit Kingdom…..where the latest bright idea from our leaders is to allow at Xmas those citizens in our largest city of Auckland(1.5Million) which is still locked up to allow 30,000 of them at a time to ‘book’ an exit time to go on holiday. But only if you are vaccinated…..OMG….what..idiots.

So I was reading an old Wargmes Illustrated which had a ‘Battle of Wavre 1815’ article which got me thinking of making a scenario where some of Grouchys Generals decided to march to the sound of the guns of Waterloo.

So the scenario is the game played down the table where a brigade of Dutch/Belgiums is a blocking force in a walled farmhouse/fields. French infantry and cavalry are rushing down roads and run into them….reserves then march on for both sides and we see how the game goes.

So the game starts with Russ commanding the Dutch in the farmhouse and Rob French light cavalry in march column rushing down a road. Behind them are 2 Dragoons and a horse battery. Robert has 6 French ligne marching up a second road which joins the first short of the Farmhouse.

Turn 1 and French light cavalry have been shot up by the troops in the Farmhouse and fallen back disordered. The Cavalry behind them are in march column down the road(was easier to just place them on the table). The start of Roberts brigade is on the second road. Behind them are a small legere brigade.

The Dutch blocking force is below. On the left is a line bttn in the open between woods and Farmhouse. The Farmhouse has 2 militia bttns in it. Between the Farmhouse and hedges is a battery and a Bttn of Jager is in the hedges.

The unhappy cavalry. I probably overdid the terrain by having the wood beside the Dutch line bttn.

Jager’s watching the French ligne. Very nice Perry sculpts.

A bit further into the game, a Hanoverian brigade has arrived down the road and a British light cavalry brigade has appeared on rear of table. French ligne are approaching the hedges.

Now 3 bttns of French ligne have advanced to the hedgerow…leaving a flank for a Dutch battery to swing onto…oh dear.

Rob started to move his light cavalry to support the French right.

And Russ moved the arriving Hanoverians to bolster his left flank. Note the French are now down to 2 bttns.

Allies now forming a strong position as more French arrive.

The British cavalry who had refused to move for 3 turns finally obeyed some orders. On right Hussars move up to support square. French Dragoons in distance.

French ligne charge Hanoverians supported by Chasseurs into the flank. Cavalry took some damage coming in but made it.

The Hanoverians lost the combat, but held so the cavalry had to retire with combat to continue.

And then I actually got some cavalry to charge the French in the flank……. I did damage but the French held and the cavalry were forced to retire. But the French brigade was now shaken.

More French charge in! They don’t win.

And the end game has the Allies in possession of the battlefield. The French ligne brigade has now broken, the legere brigade has made slow progress moving on and the game is called as an Allied victory.

So that was that. Think guys enjoyed the game, I overdid the terrain a bit but these things happen!!

Til next time.

Hail Caesar Ancients Practice Game # 2

So after Game 1 introducing the basics, for Game 2 I added light infantry, skirmishers, Elephants and Scorpios.

So Alan commanded the Carthaginian right and Russ the left with Robert on the Roman right and Steve on the left. Below is part of Roberts force…legionnaires…Auxilia cavalry, scorpio’s with Russ’s hordes in the distance.

Below is Russ’s troops with some of his nasty warbands.

Elephants, what is an Ancients game without, ELEPHANTS.

And they look so good, Alan fielded 2! I put some ruins in middle of his deployment zone just to upset his deployment!

Russ sent his skirmishing Numidian light cavalry round the flank… as one would and should.

Legionnaires bracing for impact of Gallic Cavalry.

Roman right flank secured by a pond, however the stream gets to be troublesome. The 2 archer units are formed light infantry supporting flank of the heavies…with cavalry in further support.

In go the Numidians…supported by javelin men…while cavalry and heavy infantry hit the legionnaires.

Its not looking good for Robert a few turns on. A light infantry unit lost combat but couldn’t retire over the stream so popped(or that’s how I read rules!). Else where his legionnaires have been decimated.

On the other flank…Alan is till trying to move. Steve advanced…sloooowwlllllyyyy.

Russ sent his Warbands in against Roman auxilia infantry…..archers then spears…it was not pretty….really should have pull a trail of dead bodies behind them.

Robert had ordered his second command to advance…he rolled a 12…they blundered and retired….we can see them now advancing back on in top right below. Thankfully Russ’s troops on hill also were not that keen on fighting either. But his left side command was certainly having a good time.

Alan is still sitting on his hill looking at Steve……still sllloowwwwlllyyy advancing(well…to be honest it probably did not qualify as an advance).

And that was it. I give the game to Russ and his Carthginians. I gave each player too many units for only their 2nd game of Hail Caesar and coupled with some terrible rolling for orders meant not as much combat as anticipated. Lesson learned. My Bad. Next time will be smaller commands. Good run through of rules so some more rules not understood.

Now whisky of the week is the Dalwhinnie 15.

To be honest, have not been that overly impressed, bought it based on reviews( and real hot price!) and so probably expected more. It is pleasant enough… just not that interesting. Oh well…they can’t all be great can they.

Tasting notes are:

Nose: Aromatic, toffee, fruit salad, lush nectarine, custard. Floral, apple blossom, honeysuckle. Apple peels, pear, touch of smoke.

Palate: Malty. Walnuts steeped in manuka honey with vanilla sponge. Gentle smoke weaves its way through the cereal with a touch of spice.

Finish: Long, malty, walnut, almond.

I think after reading the tasting notes again it makes sense, have been into Sherry bombs of late and they tend to explode with flavour. Yum Yum.

Now the next few games coming are a Napoleonic Game, then we venture into new Oceans with games of 2 of Warlord Games naval releases in ‘Black Seas’ then ‘Victory at Sea’.

Should be fun!

Hail Caesar Ancients Practice #1

Games of Ancients has been on a bit of a back burner for years as lots of Napoleonics/ACW has been played. So I decided to slowly introduce the group to some Ancients play using Warlord Games ‘Hail Caesar’ rules. Now as these were mostly written by the same chaps as ‘Black Powder’ they have a certain familiarity to them that hopefully will make the rule set transition easier.

So for Practice #1 we had 3 players a side with one side using my Early Imperial Romans and the other Alans Carthaginians and PauW’s Iberians. So Russ/Rob/Steve were Romans and Robert/Alan/Terry(me) were the enemy. So I dispensed with artillery, ranged fire and skirmishers for this game to just keep the game mechanics as easy as possible for all of us.

So below we have the Romans on the left and the Africans/Spanish on the right.

Each player had 2 Divisions of troops….each Division was 4 units. Below we can see 4 Warbands…nasty shock units…9 attacks in first round of combat.

On the flank I was on it was a cavalry fight between Romans and Iberians…..units were all medium cavalry with spears…so it came down to good dice rolling and help from supporting units….I failed at this!

Russ used his legionnaires very well and the use of supports really helped him control his sector.

At the left top you can see a warband really pushing the Romans back while a solid Roamn line is holding to the right.

Carthaginian Heavies supported by mediums.

Cavalry preparing to run down the flank.

And a close up of cavalry charging into Legionnaires.

And that was Game 1 where we practiced game play and learning the rules. Plan is next game to add some light troops etc and introduce some more rules, and better understand ones from tonite.

Now, rather than the Whisky of the Week , I have been enjoying a beer with games of late and in the spirit of all things Latin….it is a Peroni.

Til next time, Terry out.

Lockdown and Production Update October 2021

So that sneaky virus has managed to infiltrate Fortress New Zealand once again…..in late August….. and the borders once again resemble a block of Swiss Cheese……..

Now for those of us not in Auckland it was 2 weeks at Level 4 followed by 1 week at level 3. This basically means stay home….. in my case…I was told had to go to work…..how annoying. Poor old Auckland is still locked up….they may be allowed out by Xmas(hopefully this year)This has meant minimal hobby time as been a bit busy….especially as the eldest daughter and the boyfriend moved in while between flats for a month(and the lads gaming machine was put on landing by my paint table…meaning I couldn’t paint as too noisy)…..but some progress has been made.

Now first is another unit of Byzantine Heavy Kavallarioi. I have just based them as I didn’t get the right shields or decals and so had to do an order to Gripping Beast and at the moment orders take 4-6 to make it out here to the ‘Hermit Kingdom’. A big thank you to Gripping Beast for buying Front Rank Miniatures as well! So figures are Gripping Beast, shield decals and banner from LBM.

The figures are mainly from a SAGA box set I picked up in a sale. So I decided to use the ‘Warlord’ or General figure in the unit. Was fun to paint as I played around with a box set of Army painter washes I have on the figure. Happy with result. I have adopted a mainly consistent approach to armour…leather etc across all the Byzantine units with slight variation on the ochres and browns and then differing washes.

The next unit is one of Byzantine Infantry. Again from Gripping Beast and decals/banner from LBM. The unit is 2 ranks of long spears and then bows at the back.

And a close up.

This brings my Byzantine force up to 2 Heavy Kavallarioi, 1 light Kavallarioi and 2 Infantry units. Next up is a 2nd light Kav unit to finish off a Division of 4. Below is photo of the force.

Now about an hour before Lockdown started at midnight there was a knock at the door and Goldie had turned up to hand over some Front Rank Wurttemberg Jager he had just finished for me to base for him. Now I have finished the basing and returned them, but being an idiot did not take finished picture. So here is one of the 3 oval bases part based. Will steal them back for a photo shoot!

Next are 2 Bttns of Austrian Grenz for my 1809 force. These are the 2 bttns of Grenzer Regiment No 13 Wallacho-Illyrian with the figures being Front Rank.

Still being worked on are a Bttn of 1809 French to add to Friant’s Division. This is the first of the 108th Ligne’s bttn’s. Figures are Front Rank Reinforcement pack figures. Am going for a non parade look…so making look bit scruffy with stained uniforms using some Army Painter inks.

Next up are some light infantry and skirmishers for my Romans. A bit of Ancients Gaming is starting so was time added some light units to my Legions.

Now Alan and Goldie have started painting the Prussian Hordes for the Franco Prussian War. The French plastic infantry have not been released yet for me to paint thankfully. But below are some of Alan’s figures.

Til Next time….Terry out.