Team Yankee – Game 2 March 2022

So Goldie and I journeyed out to the Hutt Club here in Wellington for another Saturday game of Team Yankee. We had increased our Forces to 100 points which seems a more balanced game total.

So once more my mighty West German Bundeswehr faced those evil Russians of Goldie!

Scenario required each player to keep minimum 40% of points off table at the start of the game. Each turn on a 5+ one team could enter on your baseline. If they failed to arrive, the dice was added to next turn etc.

This time Goldie and the Russians got first move. We each placed 2 markers close to opponents table edge as objectives. Below you can see one in bottom left, the Hinds are positioning to take out my Roland’s / M109s with tanks sweeping towards the objective. The builings beside the Rolands also have Redeye teams in them! In buildings to the right are my PanzerGrenadiers with Marder’s and Luch’s in support. Out of sight in a wood on the left are my Jaguars, the Leopard 2 commander and the Observer M113 for the M109’s. My 2 teams of Leopard 2s and the Pah choppers were off table. Goldie has 2 teams of tanks off table.

Oh dear….. one Hind got shot down and the other failed to hit anything. The Russian guns dropped smoke in front of the Jaguars in the wood and nothing else happened. In my turn…woohoo….command tank blown away… 3 more tanks destroyed and last one has bailed out. Firepower from the Jaguars, even through the smoke got hits in….the command Leopard joined in as did the Milan’s from the PzGrs and the M109’s dropped a barrage on top of them as well! The Shilka’s, BMPs and scout cars are in support.

Goldie charged his infantry at my PzGrs in the houses. Tsch tsch…it did not go well for them. He just missed pinning my troops…but a miss is.. a disaster. I held the charge and then in my turn, destroyed the 1 remaining base. Meanwhile the Milan’s were picking off targets in the centre.

Unlike Goldie, I managed to get a reserve on and bought on my choppers. Useless things missed. However, a Milan took out the Observers for the mobile guns. I must talk to Goldie about leaving stuff on the table!! On the left you can see result of another barrage…I LOVE the M109s!

So here we have the centre…all the tanks now destroyed, 3 of the 4 Shilka’s and BMP’s in trouble.

A bit further along in the game and 3 Leopard 2’s from reserve have arrived. The Jaguars have advanced from the village, the BMP’s are all destroyed as are the Shilka’s with 2 of the 3 mobile guns now also destroyed(they switched table sides. I moved my Luch’s/Marder’s forward to shoot up the Shilka’s and mobile guns.

Paul eventually got his reserves on and 10 more tanks raced on. I met them with a barrage of shots from my Leopards and Jaguars. Rob who lives close to game venue popped in so I got him rolling dice and moving units for my side. So Rob rolled 12 dice needing 3’s to hit the Russian tanks. He hit with 4…. Goldie insisted I take a photo of it.

The first of the Russian tank reserves can be seen in the distance, the other group arrived beside the wood on the left.

And a warm welcome to the reinforcements! There are 3 left! Hiding behind the destroyed BMP’s!! The 3rd mobile gun and 1 scout is also destroyed. On the right the Marder’s and Luch’s have advanced up and shot up the last mobile gun and the scout cars.

And…end game…..the brave Russians charged forward……silly idea. Blown up.

And the last scout is destroyed and that is also the last Russian units destroyed.

West German’s win.

Now I feel for Goldie, I was able to destroy his initial set up force before any reserves arrived. Conversely, my arriving reserves allowed me to pick off his commands so when his reinforcements arrived, they had no supports and that…was that.

Fun game, I enjoyed the expanded points figure and now will rip into painting the units rather than assembling and undercoating.

Now it was mentioned to me at the club today how they enjoyed my Whisky of the week…so by request……

Now about 9 years a go when my wife died, my friend Rachel introduced me to ‘Edradour in the cask’ a luscious wee drink that packs a punch. I even brought PaulW a bottle for his 50th birthday last year!

So I decided to try the Edradour Caledonia to see how it compared. Now the colour of the bottle below does not do it justice, it is a deep dark rich colour!

Tasting notes are:

Nose: Sweet, creamy and honeyed, with notes of Manuka honey, hints of dried fig and date, soft sherry and a hint of oak.

Palate: Full and rich with notes of berry fruits, and honey and butter on granary toast. More sherry, caramel and toasted almond.

Finish: Spicy, dry and sprinkled with a dusting of cocoa.

I can confirm the sherry, caramel and then spicy finish…yum yum!

Now the ‘Edradour in a cask’ is 57.9% while the Caledonia is a mere 46% and I must admit I am enjoying the lower alcohol content and am going to have to get a another bottle so I don’t run out!!

So after a very successful days gaming, and a pleasant evening listening to music while writing blog posts and drinking whiskey this is Terry signing off!

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