Black Sea’s – March 2022

So Alan has been adding more vessels to his Sailing Ships Collection so I suggested a game be played at his house. Alan, Russ and now Rob have models.

So Alan hosted the group a couple of Thursday nights back. There were 3 players a side and I sat on a comfy lounger in the garage and watched. I did find it hard to follow the crazyness in the game so forgive me if I get some things wrong…. expect I will get corrected.

But as with all the Black Sea’s games so far, they are by far the LOUDEST games we play as everyone gets very excited…. and there was no alcohol being consumed to help!

Below a shot down the British line.

And over on the other side, the French are off! From memory each player got 3 or 4 vessels.

The 2 fleets approaching each other.

Goldie was commanding the British small ships…. who got confused and thought they were in a Formula 1 race. More later.

To me this looks like should be drums beating ‘Ramming Speed’!

And here we have Lewis Hamilton driving his wee ship though the French line, leading a charmed life and even inflicting damage on larger vessels!

By now my excursions to the table were really a head scratching event, I couldn’t work out what was going on.

Not looking good for this Britisher.

Lots of damage being done and the game slowed down a bit.

The wreck is what happens when the ‘Victory’ unleashes.

Oops..another Frenchie getting it!

Bye Bye!

End game….I think the British won. That ‘Victory’ is a beast!!

It was change watching the wee ships racing around the bigger vessels…..adding to the game I think.

Til next time…Terry.

2 thoughts on “Black Sea’s – March 2022

  1. Your phone takes such good photos.

    Victory only fired one broadside but it was an optimal salvo.

    A short range, stern raking (x4 damage), first broadside (extra shots) on a large target (all the pluses meant hit on 2+). Got a couple of criticals. All the damage meant the French 74 gun Third Rate sank.




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