Gettysburg : Peach Orchard July 1863

So post Borodino refight there has been a wee break in gaming to recharge, and then the laptop has been decommissioned and replacement finally been supplied(its my partners work from home machine!)

So there are a few bloggings to do…so here is the start.

As a break from Napoleonic Battles, a dive into ACW(American Civil War) will happen for a while. The first game I started with is a scenario from Gettysburg, Peach Orchard. We used Black Powder ‘Glory , Hallelujah’ supplement rules for the game(as we will for those to follow) and we were all a bit rusty on the rules!

Below is the set up positions with the Confederates on the right and the Union on the left. On the Rebel right was Russ and Alan on the left. Opposite Russ was Keith and then Goldie on the Union right opposite Alan. Rebels get to move turn first.

Turn 1 and Russ throws Barksdale’s Veterans forward.

Keith’s line of Union troops in the Peach Orchard

On the rebel left Alan advances past the Bliss Farm heading for the Rogers Farm.

Russell is rolling up the Union flank with Barksdales troops.

Somehow Flashman and his entourage have managed to take command of the Rebel massed guns!

The thin blue line of newly arrived regiments face the rebel attack.

On the Rebel left Alans troops attempt to hold back the Union advance to allow the rebel right to win the day.

And I think this picture fittingly shows the End of Game….massed rebel guns supporting foot regiments rolling up the Union line.

So in the end it was a Rebel victory. The Barksdale brigade of French Imperial Guard(well…they were that good!) repeated history and rolled up the Union line. I did allow to many batteries for the game , so my bad, but will rectify that in future games and also need to reduce the number of troops per player so we can get a game completed in a an evening.

But well done to Russ and Alan, well played and am sure Keith and Goldie will get revenge!

Now the Whisky of the Week this week is the Balvenie Doublewood 12 year old.

Now here is the tasting notes….

Balvenie DoubleWood 12yo Bottling Note

Balvenie DoubleWood is aged in two kinds of oak casks! It was firstly matured in refill American oak casks before it was treated to a finish in first fill European oak Oloroso sherry butts for an additional nine months. The expression was launched in 1993, and has become a somewhat iconic whisky over the years. Even at 12 years old, this rich and complex dram is an excellent example of what the Balvenie distillery can craft.

And I am quite enjoying it as I write this post, fire on, watching Rugby League on TV.


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