Grudge match

So Nick and PaulW had been talking about a grudge 300 point Napoleonic Game since Call to Arms Convention last year where Nick won but didn’t play Paul on his way to taking Paul’s crown off him.

So they have had the match up with Nick fielding Prussians and PW Russians.

Its Nick on the left!

The Russians in view are Paul’s. A Dragoon brigade, a Musketeer brigade, a small Guard brigade and a Jager brigade supported by 2 batteries.

And here we have Nicks Prussians with cavalry on each flank and 2 strong brigades holding the centre.

Paul had the first turn and went straight on the attack! Paul’s Dragoons charged an Uhlan regiment and managed to defeat them.

Next the Dragoons decided to take on some landwher cavalry which went to script with them running away and the Dragoons deciding to sweep into the flank of a foot bttn. That didn’t go so well!

Meanwhile the Russian musketeers were having an extending fight against the Prussians… the Dragoons on the flank had been shot up by the Prussians skirmishers which meant both Dragoon units were shaken and removed from play.

Nicks doing some measuring and as you can see , the casualties are mounting up.

Luckily for Paul his units can take 4 casualties before being shaken!

I returned from getting drinks to find Nicks brigade had broken and was being removed! But Paul’s troops are looking…well….rather ill themselves. Where are those Prussian Dragoons one may ask……

On the other side of the table we had troops not keen on moving, but Nick finally advanced on the Jager and things were looking promising. You will notice on the hill behind them a brigade of Prussian Dragoons. Now these chaps sat there all game, ignored all orders to move until Nick through double 6s…a BLUNDER…and then a 1 meaning they now retired off the table! Nick really needed those guys as the only cavalry on a target rich battlefield!!

Nicks second brigade moves up to the stream and starts exchanging shots with the Jager but they got out shot and cannoned… over.

So that was that, Paul manages to take out Nick. It was very tense when the infantry were going head to head but I think Nicks Dragoons brigade not joining in cost him the game. Giving them a CC7 leader and being a long way from the CinC’s rerolls was a disaster in the end. You really need to make sure your heavy cavalry get into combat…there are a lot of points invested doing nothing otherwise.

Whisky of the WEEK!

So…tonites Whisky of the week is a wicked little number that I acquired during last years lockdown. Friend Murray sent me a picture of a shipment he received and one was a wee drop called ‘Infrequent Flyers’. So being intrigued I checked and there were 2 brews available online locally, so I got the other one.

Now a chap called Alistair Walker gets differing whiskies from small distilleries in Scotland and when ready, bottles them with no fancyness…natural from cask and cask strength.

Now this wee beauty is 59.8%, is sourced from the Craigellachie Distillery and frankly is not for the faint hearted. There is no subtlety here… doesn’t so much put hairs on your chest as scorch them off!

A MAN’S WHISKY to be enjoyed in front of the fire!!

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