Battle of Borodino – The Rematch!

When we played the Battle of Borodino last year, at the end if was suggested we refight it with players swapping sides.

So on the weekend of May 29-30 2021 we regathered at The Seatoun Bowling and RSA Club here in Wellington and over 2 days refought the battle. The same set up as the first battle and orders of battle were used. There was unfortunately some late withdraws so we ended up with 17 players.

As always in a mega game like this, one gets engrossed in your part of the battlefield so I will simply show a series of pictures of the battle taken by John and interpret them. My role this time was as  Grouchy commanding the French cavalry in the North.

Start positions below looking from Northern edge of table. Dallas is looking a bit tense!

French reserve table!

Early action around Borodino Village. French light cavalry being sacrificed against Russian guns. Plan was to have some suicide runs on the large Russian batteries…..then when they are unloaded….send a 2nd cavalry regiment….preferable Uhlans or heavies to destroy the guns and carry on into supporting units. Fun!

Same scene, different angle(different camera!).

Down south where impressive French advance early on. Left flank of Russian 2nd Grenadiers is in trouble.

The centre around Redoubt…..

The Ford in the North…a major disappointment…..Russ had a strong position….we French were going to try and force it before he got in place…but…the dice gods were cruel….our planned gunline failed as the guns wouldn’t move from their start line!

Here are the French infantry…in line to reduce artillery damage from the other side of the ford……awaiting the guns that never came.

I like these dinky red arrows…so helpful in a mega came so you can keep track in an ongoing combat as to who won the last round.

Russians around the Fleches….apparently on turn one…before the French gunline was established ..some batteries were still limbered…..Duka sent some Cuirassiers cascading across the  table to take them out…how cool…..if anyone has a photo…send it to me please!

Look at the mass of Russian units around the Redoubt!

In the South….looks like 2nd Grenadiers are gone…but here come the Guard to save the day.

And the game is over…and each side is claiming victory and telling looonnnggggg tales of their accomplishments…

And this is the crew.

The above pictures were taken by John….I was remiss and didn’t take many. So some of mine in no particular order below!

This is an attack between the Redoubt and the Fleches.

The French advance on the Fleches.

The Hand of Dallas.

Nicks French light cavalry in front of the Redoubt.

And PaulW’s troops exploding out of the woods to assault Utitsa.

And for PaulW…his highlight….Cuirassiers on the Russian reserve table!

Now… for the result…I have requested Napoleon and Kutusov to write up a report each…..these will be interesting am sure……

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