So it’s 2021…..

So best do a post or 2…..

First up Alan has been busy, as ever… this is a post of his latest painting efforts.

Text by Alan.

I replaced/upgraded my Prussian cavalry as the new Warlord figures were a lot more animated than the Perry figures that I sold late last year.

I felt the Perry miniatures were a bit static by comparison to the new Warlord offering.
The Warlord figures are in their new soft resin which will not be acceptable to those ‘purists’ who insist on lead only figures, but while the resin figures are quite soft, there is lots of detail and they are pretty easy to prepare for painting. Once mounted on their bases the figures seem quite stable and of course there is no way any of the lances will snap if mishandled.
I have also been extending my Black Sea fleets enlarging my squadrons of British, French, Spanish vessels with everything from from 1st rates through to little cutters, plus a small American force is developing.
And finally I have started painting some of my pike and shot figures … a Royalist army of the ECW.

So that’s Alan’s wee update.

Next up will be one on an 1814 campaign Goldie has started………..

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