Lockdown Report # 12

Monday 6th April…..

Not much to report….weathers been nice…..weekend spent gardening really….

Have completed 1 Byzantine Heavy Cavalry horse archer as a template for rest of unit. Painted all 12 horses, and started on 3 more riders. Tricky figures to paint with the raised bow arm with the built on small shield. Couple pictures below. Initial command will be a command base, 2 units heavy cavalry(8 Kontos/4 archers) , 1 unit light cavalry(8 spears/4 archers) and a unit Kataphractoi(8 HEAVY cavalry with mace/4 HEAVY cavalry with bow).

Russ has finshed a unit of British Crimean War cavalry he started a year ago and put aside. They were 90% completed and so make a nice quick addition to his armies.

They are the 17th Lancers but Russ is calling them the Any-army Ulan-chevau-legere lanciers.


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