Lockdown Report # 11

Its now Saturday April 4th…… and it was a beautiful dawn over Patahanui Inlet

Alan has sent through an update on the fist of his Westphalian units using the new Perry French plastics. This the Westphalian 3rd Light Infantry.

Russ has sent through another update.


Got this Front Rank figure off Hutton yonks ago. Don’t remember the circumstances. Sat for mss as many years the found it was a fantastic mini to paint.
Then more months sitting till I painted the other figures this week.
The figure with the telescope is Wargames Illustrated Giants in Miniature Wellington figure and his horse (couldn’t be bothered adding stirrups) is a Wargames Foundry one.
Marechal B. Grecian 2000 hadn’t been invented so Bessieres rocked the grey
Nice horse.
Barmaid is a Reaper Miniatures resin miniature. “Here you go ladz. Hot weather. Two steins each. Or one each for you and your horse.
The adjutant looking at the barmaid is a Warlords Games miniature that comes with their Marshal Ney figure


And that’s all for today.

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