Lockdown Report # 10

Its’s Thursday 2nd April and 1st week of Lockdown comes to an end.

So I have ended up adding 3 more units of Legionnaires to add to # 12 finished last week and Roman week comes to an end.

They are units #13, #14 and #15.

Pictures below of the new command of units # 12 to # 15. As Hail Caesar is my rule set of choice, these 4 units make up a command once add some skirmisher types and a command base.

Several weeks back I ordered some movement trays from Battlekiwi for my Russian Artillery and cavalry in general. Today I assembled them. Once we are allowed to shop online again, will order some for the Romans(they are on 60mm x 60mm bases). Pictures below of a Russian 3 gun battery and a regt of Kuirassiers on their new movement trays. Trays still to have a lick of English Uniform paint on their tops.

I was going to add a couple units of Auxilia cavalry but as the saying goes ‘a funny thing happened onto the way to the Forum’…. I was having a fossock through one of the Roman boxes in garage and came across some A&A 3rd Century Romans. Had purchased these 5 years ago and haven’t done anything with them….so I will. There are 4 units legionnaires, 2 units cavalry , commanders and a selection of the fantastic LBM shield decals. Will start them after a week or so on Byzantine cavalry. Below is a link to Dr Phil Hendry’s beautifully painted figures on his blog. Mine will never look this good….but ideal for inspiration. .http://philhendry.me.uk/Phil_Wargaming_Website/third_century_roman_photo_a/index.html

And that’s it for now…. tomorrow will rip into Byzantines…..however as is a Friday its the day I spend day at work rather than work from home….. will be some time in evening expect…..unless get distracted by a whiskey….or 2 even.





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