Lockdown Report # 9

Its Wednesday 1st April 2020…..and unfortunately it is not an April Fools Day…we are still in Lockdown.

Settling into a routine now…treating as normal work day so up 6ish…..watch some of the news channels….avoid getting to depressed. Anita gets ready for work  and I send her on her way with a coffee….she manages a retirement village near by so not far to go. I then log in and work till 11.30ish and walk mutts for an hour. Have lunch…do some troopie stuff, do some more work and organise dinner. Consume Dinner…more troopie stuff…play cards with Anita and daughter in Lockdown with us and bed at 10.30.

I haven’t quite finished the next 3 Roman legionnaire units, should be next day or so but Russ has sent through an update.


More photos of what I’ve been working on.

I’ve rebased eight skirmishers as pairs on to four square bases and repainted them a bit as Legere. Also painted a Legere command base.
All are mounted in a new skirmisher movement tray.
I envisage the skirmisher tray working like this. Three spread out bases with a base width between and using the skirmisher bases to fill the gaps. Colour stand in the rear about 6” back.
 The other option is to have five stands of paired skirmishers. It would look good but I’d struggle to have enough skirmisher pairs for multiple units in skirmish order.
Close up shot of the new Legere command stand. The front row and cornet player in the back are Warlord Games metals.
Might shoot some photos in daylight.
And the last thing today is a link to the Kerry Thomas blog where he is highlighting his Polish and Russian forces that he is to bring to the Borodino refight when we have it. Kerry is to play the role of Prince Poniatowski when we have the game. I had the pleasure of Kerry playing beside me at the Leipzig battle a few years a go and he is a wonderful chap and this is a very beautifully painted army.

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