Naps – 200 point game

So test games of 250 point Napoleonic armies have been carrying on. One particular game between my Austrians and Paul Weakley’s Russians was fought and refought 3 times before Paul eventually beat me. Paul was adapting his army after each game!

So decided to report on one from last week where Goldie and his French played Simon McBeth using British. Goldie was supplying the figures, however he left his Portugese at home so we subbed in some of my Austrians and called them Hanoverian’s. The army lists were around 200 points each and as the unbiased observer I did feel it made for a better game than a 250 point game.

Below is Simon McBeth who was having his first game in the Garage!

Welcome Simon 🙂

And here we have the illustrious Mr Paul Goldstone(aka Goldie)

Simon’s British brigade. Rear 2 bttns in column which they aren’t allowed to be. We don’t normally play British so not til later we realised this. Gun line to right rear…it remained there all game…I think it even got one shot in.

The crazy ‘Gallop at anything’ and ‘Reroll all misses in first round of combat’ British Dragoons!

Goldie’s French force.

Turn 1 and Goldie decides he will sacrifice his Dragoon brigade against Simon’s. I say this having seen what happens. Both attackers get 8 dice and hit on 3’s, save on 4’s. Each side gets a +1 to the combat result and Goldie adds +2 having flank and rear support. Simon gets to reroll any misses.

And here we have the conclusion of the action. Goldie loses the initial combat, and his beaten unit retires with 3 wounds shaken. Simon then proceeds to ‘Gallop at anything’ in the sweeping advance phase. He obliterates the stationary French Dragoon regt which stands and takes it. The British then rally back a little battered but having dealt out some serious damage. The reroll is a killer and leaves one to think you have to take on these British heavies with Cuirassier’s.

Simon’s moves his left flank light cavalry forward. There left flank is the table edge.

And the other flank the British cavalry are still slapping backs.

Goldie moves his left brigade up rise with wood covering left flank. Simon is marching the Austrians pretending to be Hanoverian’s forward.

Picture down the line…..sides slowly coming together.

Goldie’s an intelligent chap, but, this move was just suicide. He charged his non damaged Dragoon unit back in against the fresh British Dragoon regt.

The British Dragoons are shaken, the French… no where to be seen.

French right where Hanoverian light cavalry are disordered in front of a French square and battery. Not a great position to be in. Lovely block of 4 bttns in column in the middle. Oh for a howitzer battery. And that’s the British artillery in the top left of picture!

British left moves up whilst on the right British start to swing left now any threat from the departed French Dragoons is now gone. The British foot artillery is still on the start position…it didn’t move from it.

British line swings towards French skirmish screen on rise.

Goldie throws French columns into the Hanoverian line. Line holds.

On left flank, French columns attack line with skirmish support.

Hanoverian lights move up and charge guns, guns pop, lights then wheel left and position on flank of French column.

Position on British right. Hanoverian light cavalry still milling around, spent game as a target for French shooting, then kept failing ‘Follow Me’ orders when French units had open flanks. Hanoverian line locked in combat while other units have retired. Light infantry still on flank French column. British line sin centre are closing in.

French have charged British line on the rise, combat continues v Hanoverian line.

On other flank, British have retired from French columns which are both disordered. The horse battery by woods refused number orders to swing and shoot columns.

British won fight on rise, and a bttn has moved around flank to shot up retiring unit.

French bttn pops.

Its not looking good for the French. The Hanoverian infantry are holding on. The Hanoverian cavalry are still sitting on the flank, and doing nothing, but, they are still there. The British infantry are taking control of the centre.

British Dragoons charge the shaken square, it was disordered but the cavalry got the order confused previous turn and didn’t charge. The dice gods were on Goldie’s side and the shaken unit beat back the cavalry.

In centre the British are charging in again.

End of game and British/Hanoverian forces have taken the game. French have had Dragoons and one infantry brigade break.

These 2 French columns have done well, but with a horse battery, 2 bttns and 2 regts Dragoons against them, there seconds are numbered.

And that was the end of an entertaining game. Both sides had some great, and not so great dice throws. Goldie insisted on using my Blue French dice, and they carried on there ability to roll what you did not want.

The game did show in these point games, artillery is probably a poor choice of points and you need a strong cavalry force to beat up the enemies cavalry and then press home the advantage. But in 2 hours we got a result which was the aim.


Until next time…..


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