Nap game – Battle of Matthews Hill – 1813 style

So Goldie enjoyed the ACW Matthews Hill scenario so much, he insisted we play it with Naps.

So I took the Union role in the Guise of 1813 Russians, and Goldie the Confederates as Austrians. Same scenario and set up rules as the ACW game applied.

Turn 1, Russians march onto the field of battle. The Austrian Avante garde can be seen up ahead.

Close up below of the waiting Austrians.

Russians, sllloowwwwlllyyy advance.

Still advancing…still slowly.

So have set up small advance brigade to hold centre while larger brigade moved up onto my right flank. For some reason I now decided to send my Hussars off marauding to other flank…theory being to distract Goldies attention with threat of cavalry moving around his open flank.  As events will show, dumb dumb me.

Russian still slowly moving onto battlefield.

Russians so slow, Goldie got bored and advanced!

At last! On left Russians charge the grenz, who do the evade of evades and run away 36 inches! On right column goes into the Austrian line with 2 supports to help out. This be easy peasee.

So inflicted 3 wounds, taken 1 back, have 2 supports but they still won’t run away.

So now I charge the guns on the road, beat them,  throw unit into flank on the right, but in distance, Austrian reserves marching onto table at last. Still no sign of my Hussars…misinterpreted order… retired 2 moves on my left!

Close up of fight on the right. Both units are shaken, I have supports, and have charged into the flank. Should be an easy victory now!

I had 7 attacks, needs 3’s…got a single 6, he saved the wound. I had that sinking feeling now. Going to be one of those days.

Okay, game bit further on, pesky line bttn is gone…..have larger brigade going forward again, in centre smaller brigade is mucking around, won’t move, can’t get its guns up and as for the Hussars…there they are in the top left!

And here are the Austrians…nice big bttns just waiting for me.

So have managed to move further forward…but….game was done… slow to get moving ay start of game, couldn’t win combats quick enough and just keep either failing orders, or moving only 1 move! Even Goldies reserves turning up late didn’t help me!

Austrian victory  😦


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