ACW Game – Battle of Matthews Hill, 1st Bull Run

I found a nice scenario on line so organised a game.

Goldie would play the Union(he has blue bellies) and Russ would be the Confederates(he has rebels).

The game was played down the table(was 12 feet) with the map below.



  • Union begin game in column heading south from Sudley Springs Ford, with Burnside’s brigade in the lead. The head of the column should be at point A. All units in march column directly behind. This is the spearhead of an attempt to turn the Conferate flank.
  • The Confederates are trying to form a defence on Buck Hill at point B with Evan’s demi brigade. They are to hold as long as they can to allow for reinforcements to rush to hold the flank.


  • Union: Commander Colonel D Porter.
  • 1st Brigade Colonel A Porter with 5 infantry regts, 1 cavalry regt and large battery.
  • 2nd Brigade Colonel A E Burnside with 3 infantry with large battery attached to 3rd regt. There is also a howitzer battery.
  • Confederates: Evans Demi brigade with 2 infantry and a battery
  • Bees Brigade: 5 infantry, Hamptons Legion and Waltons battery

The Union player has first turn.

Confederates roll a die on each turn from turn 2 onwards. Result:

  • 1-4 no reinforcements
  • 5-6 1st time: 2 regts arrive on south end of Sudley Rd
  • 2nd time: remainng regts of Bee brigade
  • 3rd time: Hamptons legion
  • 4th time: Waltons battery


Turn one and Burnside marches down Sudley Rd. Russ has painted up some dinky diorama pieces, here we have a photographer in the foreground.

The long blue column marches down the road. In distance the rebel road block on Buck Hill can be seen.

Russell’s blocking force on Buck Hill.

Goldie has sent his cavalry ahead on his right flank and lead column has formed into line on road…Russ has responded by moving a unit toward to fences to secure flank.

Goldie’s forces flow forward, Burnside to centre and Porter to the right.

Perry horse batteries are quite cool, here is one entering table and heading right.

Russell has managed to some Mississipi boyz to arrive!

Goldie continues to advance

Overview of Buck Hill where Russ still holds it.

Goldie’s forces moving closer to Bucks Hill. Russell’s unit by fences not in an envious position really.

Rebel unit is disordered, taking casualties, has dismounted cavalry and infantry shooting at it and units advancing on its exposed flank.

Goldie takes Buck Hill. On right Union units are flowing forward.

Those Mississipi boyz moving to cover the Unions flank march. Evans demi brigade retiring on the farmhouse.

More rebels arrive!

Russ takes up position

Goldie’s view of the attack.

End game. Union are pressing along the whole line. A lot of shooting was going on, the Union benefiting from the longer ranges and Goldie had achieved his objective marker.

Union victory called.

Next report is the same scenario…moved to 1813 and my Russians are the Union and Goldies Austrians are the Confederates.


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