ACW Game – The Battle of Wilson’s Creek 1861

Latest game was scenario from Black Powder supplement ‘Glory, Hallelujah!’

The Union players were Alan and Keith while Robert and Moi(Terry) were the Confederates.

The game was played down the table with the following terrain rules:

  • Terrain largely wooded, but only lightly so effect is visibility reduced to 24 inches. The effect was that small arms fire now hit on a 5 and not a 4.
  • No effect on artillery fire.
  • Skeggs creek ran across the battlefield and was a 6 inch movement penalty
  • The fences offered a -1 to hit advantage if you were directly behind them


  • The 3 Union brigades set up to North of Skeggs stream. On turn 2 brigade 4 is ordered on from south edge of table.
  • The 5 Confederate brigades are set up south of Skeggs stream. On turn 4 the Confederate cavalry brigade can be ordered on from behind Union right flank board edge. Cannot charge on turn 1.



  • 1st Brigade – 3 x regts rifled muskets plus 6 pdr smoothbore battery(6 guns)
  • 2nd Brigade – 3 x regst rifled muskets plus 6pdr smoothbore battery(4 guns)
  • 3rd Brigade – 6 x regts riffled muskets
  • 4th Brigade – 4 regts rifled muskets, tiny cavalry regt and howitzer battery


  • 1st Brigade – 3 regts rifled muskets. 1 large
  • 2nd Brigade – 3 regts rifled muskets plus 6pdr smoothbore battery(4 guns)
  • 3rd Brigade – 6 regts smoothbore muskets plus 6pdr smoothbore battery(4 guns)
  • 4th Brigade – 3 regts smoothbore muskets plus 6pdr smoothbore battery(4 guns)
  • 5th Brigade – 3 regts smoothbore muskets
  • Cavalry brigade –  2 regts cavalry, 1 with rifled muskets and 1 with shotgun/revolver

Below is the set up as viewed from Confederate rear.

Confederate set up with briagdes 1 and 2 in forefront(both rifled muskets). Terry commanded these and the cavalry. Robert had brigade 3-5.

Turn 2 and Keith appears in Confederate rear.

Confederate left flank where large unit surges forward…no one else wanted to join him. This cowardice continued for a number of turns.

On right flank, Robert lined up in cover of trees and fences.

My large unit all alone! I was trying to press forward to pin the Union flank for when my cavalry arrives in their rear.

Robert surges his troops forward, well one anyway!

Keith’s attack form the rear, 2 confederate brigades have turned to punish him for his impudence.

Union advancing.

Alan’s left flank……many failed ordered…blunders backwards…all highly amusing.

Oops… here come the cavalry!

I found this more exciting than infantry….Keith failed orders to turn troops to face…so in my turn I dismounted the cavalry with the rifles and charged 2nd unit into rear. POP go the infantry…the guns POPPPED as well…..

And still can’t get rest Confederates to attack!

Guilty…the measuring tape is mine. So much for 2 Confederate brigades taking care of Keith’s attack from rear. His tiny dismounted cavalry would not die…..he shot me to bits with his infantry and guns…I couldn’t hit the side of a barn….

But more fun was Ala rolling a blunder and charging across the table! Robert got very excited.

Sigh… the tapes still there…..was distracted by my cavalry charge!

Last turn….Union right flank is gone…..cavalry in in their rear and a brigade in lining up a charge down the line of the flank(I played a pretend turn as we packed was glorious!)

Another shot……Alan and Robert hard at t on other flank but Alan has no managed get any supports up so his bluebellies are not going to last much longer.

And that was it….Union right flank gone…holding in centre but that’s about to get steam rolled and on Union left things not looking good. Conversely…the Union attack in the Confederate rear is going well…but am sure they will retire!

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