Napoleonic Refight – Battle of Teugn-Hausen 19th April 1809 – Part 2

So at the end of Part 1 Russ had charged 2 Bttns in attack column into the flank of 2 of Alan’s Bttns from Kayser Brigade. After the combat the front Bttn was no more but the rear Bttn had held on. The big Austrian Bttns can take a bit punishment!


Paul W’s columns queuing up to rampage through Kayser’s brigade

Not to be out done Paul W had charged a Bttn into the left flank Austrian Bttn. This Bttn lost the combat but held. Things were not looking good for Kayser’s brigade and was desperately in need of some pressure being applied elsewhere.

Austrian Hussars join melee in French flank!

And what better way to do so than throwing Hussars into the flank of an ongoing melee! The melee was now Hussars in flank and line to front of French Bttn…..French lose melee but hold so Hussars have to bounce which they do to there rear quarter.


Austrian left flank open!

On the Austrian extreme left flank things had gone seriously badly……the Grenzer had retreated all the way back to the stream, the Jager had been destroyed and the Horse battery had been shot up by the Legere and also was destroyed. The French were now clear to advance on Hausen!


General Advance from the French Centre and Left into the Austrian positions

In the centre Kayser’s brigade has had enough and the remnants are retiring. The advance Bttn of the Austrian brigade marching through Hausen gets disordered by French artillery fire from the ridge and halts. The Austrian Hussars who had retreated from the melee get shot up by French musketry from the edge of the woods fire and are destroyed.


The French make a general advance in the centre and their left, with the Austrian left already destroyed and the Austrians coming up worst in the melees to the right of Kayser’s retreating brigade we called it a night with another French Victory.

More photos showing the final movements are below.



French left with empty spaces in front…the battle is declared a French Victory!

From a neutral perspective I think it mirrored the true positions of the armies in 1809. Davout’s Corps was elite, it had superior Division commanders and troops used to winning. The French were more mobile and better lead which gave them advantages that were shown in this battle. The Austrians conversely had nice big units that could dish out damage in both firepower and melee however suffered from inferior leadership.

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