What we are painting

Thought would add a quickie

We all seem to be painting Napoleonics at the moment.

I am working on Victrix Plastic Landwher 1809 variants for my Wagram Austrians and on the side 2 Bttns Warlord Vistula legion. Aim to use for 1812/1813 games but also can use for any Peninsula game.

Alan is working on Front Rank Scots Greys.

Paul Weakly is working on the Household Cavalry, Perrys I think as opposed to Front Rankers.

Russ is working on Front Rank Imperial Guard Cavalry and more of those bearskin chappies, he is even generating a band!!

Paul Goldstone is working on Portugese Cacadores from some obscure company in USA whose name I have forgotten, but when gave Paul ride to work he was cursing the crap castings so best not to pass on who makes them.

Both Pauls been seduced by the Warlord Games announcement of pre orders for Plastic Portugese Line Infantry on saturday as well I believe so expect see them and then plea’s for Peninsula games in near future(and I refuse to do Spainish!)

Chatting with John saturday night and between baby and hubbie duties he has Perry specials such as French Ambulance and pontooners to work on so look forward to seeing them as well.

Will post pictures of the units as they roll out of the production facility!

Til next time







4 thoughts on “What we are painting

  1. Hi Terry
    I also have a couple more French Line battalions on the go.

    Ordered some more Adolfo Ramos flags this week. Paid extra to have them pre mounted on poles so I don’t muck that up.

    Adolfo provides three options. Just the paper flag. Mounted; the paper flag cut and glued to wire pole and Complete which adds tassels and any Eagles and the like to the flag.

    I have ordered a Completed flag for my Grenadiers a Cheval at a cost of €5.40. A fair price for the small gods.


  2. I also have four boxes of the Victrix Landwehr figures to put together for 1809 as well Terry. Still love reading about the Vienna Freiwilliger battalions and Archduke Charles Legion from the old Empires, Eagles and Lions.


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