Napoleonic Refight – Battle of Teugn-Hausen 19th April 1809 – Part 1

The last 2 Wednesday night games we have gamed a refight of the Battle of Teugn- Hausen from 19th April 1809. In this battle the Austrians attempted to intercept Davout and are repulsed.

We fought it twice as it was not only a good scenario to play but I got myself confused on Tough Fighters rule(will explain shortly) and also gave the French to much artillery which gave them an added advantage. So we refought it.

For the game Paul Weakley and Russ Briant would be the French, Paul Goldstone and Alan Hollows would be the Austrians and I would take photos as my eldest daughter gave me a lesson on her fancy camera.

The French Forces were:

Paul Weakley

Brigade GB Lorencez

  • 10 Legere(3 Bttns)
  • 3 Ligne(2 Bttns on at start, 3rd on turn 2)

Brigade GD St Hilaire

  • 57 Ligne(The Terrible 57th!)
  • Battery

Brigade GB Destabenrath enters on Turn 3

  • 72 Ligne(3 Bttns)
  • 105 Ligne(3 Bttns)

Russ Briant

Brigade GD Gudin

  • 7 Legere(1 Bttn)
  • Voltigeurs of 33 Ligne and 108 Ligne(2 Bttns)
  • Note sources refer to 2000 skirmishers so have assessed as 3 bttns all up

Brigade GB Barbanegre

  • 48th  Ligne(3 Bttns)

Brigade  GB Gilly enters on turn 3

  • 33 Ligne(3 Bttns)
  • 111 Ligne(2 Bttns)
  • 108 Ligne(1 Bttn)

Austrian Forces

Paul Goldstone

Advance Guard FML Vukassovich

  • Bttn 9 Peterwarden Grenzer
  • Bttn Erzherog Karl Legion(Waltrich Jager)
  • 6 Sqdn 3 Erzherog Ferdinand Hussars( split into 2 x 3 Sqdn)
  • Horse Battery

Brigade GM Beiber

  • IR20 Kaunitz 3 Bttns(large)
  • IR38 Wurttemburg 2 Bttns(large)
  • Battery

Alan Hollows

Brigade GM Kayser

  • IR7 Schroder 3 Bttns(large)
  • IR56 Colloredo 3 Bttns(large)
  • Battery

Brigade GM Liechtenstein

  • IR12 Manfredini 3 Bttns(large)
  • IR23 Wurzburg 2 Bttns(large)
  • Battery

The table was the normal 12 foot x 6 foot with Paul Gslovely base cloth. The woods were half pace for formed infantry and normal move for skirmishers. Mounted and Artillery could not enter the woods.

The French were all rated as:

  • Commanders leadership 8
  • All units Elite(reroll disorder at start of turn,4+ removes)
  • The Terrible 57th were also Tough Fighters so reroll 1 miss to hit in combat

The Austrians were rated as:

  • Commanders leadership 7
  • Line Infantry were large(8 combat dice, Shooting 4 dice, Stamina 4)

Russ just finishing his set up

The terrain set up was a low ridge running down the table roughly in centre. Woods covered from the French baseline to 2/3 way to Austrian baseline. A round round across the centre of the table from baseline to baseline. The village of Roith was to the right of the road on the French table side and the village of Hausen was on the Austrian table edge to the left of the road. The Austrian baseline was a stream with the Village of hausen/Road the entry point for the Austrians.

The Austrian Kayser brigade was advancing up the road just below the ridge in 2 lines of attack columns. To their left was the Grenzer supported by the Jager and the horse battery with the Hussars in reserve.

The French had the 57th advancing down the road supported by a battery. To their right were Lorencez and the 10th Legere and 3 Ligne. To their left was Gudins brigade in a skirmish mass advancing through the woods towards the flank of Kayser.


Kayer’s brigade with the Terrible 57th to their front!

The 57th and supporting battery fire on advancing Austrians.Do enough to disorder and stop the Austrian advance but not do casualties. Russ’s skirmish mass continue to advance through woods. Paul W advances and secures Roith.


View from 57th to Kaysers brigade

Disordered Austrians unable to advance so exchange fire with French,minimal damage occurs.


Grenzer supported by Jager guard Kaysers flank

On the flank the Grenzer are charged by 10th Legere and evade back.


Russ’s advancing skirmish cloud arrives on Kaysers flank and the next round firing from them and the 57th/battery starts to hurt.


Paul G charges unit Hussars into skirmish unit extending out of woods, they evade back into woods and are safe from cavalry. The disordered Austrian infantry with casualty counters showing in background, they are not feeling to well.


Front left 3 Ligne advancing, centre right Liechenstein is advancing out of Hausen to cover Kaysers flank, and the 48 Ligne can be seen following skirmish screen

Reinforcements now start to flood the battlefield. Liechenstein marches out of Hausen and moves to the right of Kayser to support his flank. Russ has the 48 Ligne is catching up with the skirmish screen and his other units are now on the battlefield. On French right Paul W has the 3 Ligne and 10 Legere pressing forward. Kaysers Brigade is holding on.


Ouch…. Russ gets 2 columns into flanks of Austrian Bttns…….this is going to hurt…..

And that’s all until next time……..

1 thought on “Napoleonic Refight – Battle of Teugn-Hausen 19th April 1809 – Part 1

  1. “…this is going to hurt…”

    One begins to feel a bit worried for those nice boys dressed in white. They seem to be plodding along whereas their opponents are briskly dancing around.

    Roll on part 2.

    von Peter himself


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