Alan’s Card Buildings

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Some of you may have seen on the interweb, or at the actual Wellington (as in capital of NZ) refight of the Battle of Waterloo, some of my card buildings.

Being a father of teenagers my wallet is not a bottomless pit so I always look at alternative low cost options when is comes to my wargames terrain. Card buildings are a great option if your looking for a quick and easily carried (to club) option for your wargames terrain.  There are lots of commercial ones on the market – my inspiration has come from Dave Graffam’s great model houses

They are inexpensive only a few $,  wonderfully illustrated – you’ll need a good printer though and plenty of card and glue.  His buildings are medieval/fantasy types and sadly few that fit the bill for a Waterloo refight – so I decided to do my own. After a lot of looking at photos and paintings of the key buildings and hours of photoshop – and a bit of trial and error the results seem to prove the time well spent.







However some of my creations for the battle didn’t make it to the table (maybe the next refight).  Fichermont Chateau was on the far northern (Prussian) side of the battle. It was initially suppose to be on the table – but we ran out of space.  The model was based on a tiny painting found on the web.  The troops in the picture also never got to the battle – the Nassau,s are my latest unit only finished a few days ago.  Incidentally the two trees started life as bottle brushes.


5 thoughts on “Alan’s Card Buildings

  1. Obviously Alan has done a bang up job with these buildings. The ability to create these so that they fit the footprint desired is a big plus.

    Alan’s talents with card and glue is well illustrated with the smoke coming out of the Fichermont Chateau chimney! 😀

    von Peter himself


    • Yes, I actually tried making a couple of those first (found the old pages), but …. technology has moved on a bit – I put the laptop and mac at work to good use.


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