The Garage Gamers!

Hello and welcome to anyone who stumbled across this blog!!

My name is Terry and I live in Wellington, New Zealand and yes the blog title is a give away and I indulge in playing Wargames in my Garage.

As I am not a solo gamer there is a wee core group who also indulge themselves with me. We normally meet twice a month , normally on a Wednesday as being a widower with dependent daughters it works best for me(selfish I know).

Here’s a group photo.


From left to right we are:

Paul Weakley, Russell Briant, Terry Swain(that’s me!), Alan Hollows and Paul Goldstone. John Hutton would have been here but he has foolishly relocated to Auckland…..what can one say……..

We normally game Napoleonics or ACW in 28mm with our rules of choice being Black Powder. Over the past couple of years that we have been gaming we have all built up our forces substantially(well, apart from me as I am a turtle compared to the rest of the guys).

The aim of this blog is for me to record the games that we play, the style of game we play and the projects we embark on. We have just finished the Waterloo project which was gamed at The Wellesley Club here in Wellington and in the past staged a massive Leipzig game and are looking at Wagram for next year.

They will be future posts along with posts on our games and hopefully I can twist the ladz arms to make some posts themselves in time.


Til next time…….


5 thoughts on “The Garage Gamers!

  1. Look forward to helping provide content for your blog.

    More chip n’ dip, judging by the wastelines, than Chippendale von Peter.


  2. Hey, great to see you in the Blogosphere, Terry!

    I’ve still got some old ‘House of Swain” images i once did for you, if they’re any use for the blog?


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