Hobbying Update – August 2022

Its been a while so brief update on new troops.

On the basis ‘You can never have enough’ here is another 1812 Russian Position battery…figures are Front Rank.

And a close up.

Next up are additions to my ACW forces. Firstly are 2 boxes of Perry Artillery which I have made into 2 x 3 inch Rifle batteries and 1 x 12pdr Smoothbore battery. I have painted the command base for them and will add a GMB Union Artillery Flag. Picture when flag arrives.

And a close up. These were fun to paint…nice and quick!

Now as I plan on running a Gettysburg BIG GAME….. I decided to start getting Corps Command stands. Here are first 3. All figures are Perry and flags of course are GMB.

And the close up.

The Confederates also got some love with Longstreet and Hood getting Command bases. I need more of the Perry mounted standard bearers….so in meantime they are making do with a couple footsloggers.

And the close up.

Jeb Stuart has even arrived with friends…..

And the close up. I have picked this particular command flag as I think it will be easy to spot on a large battlefield.

I will be taking a wee break from ACW for a few weeks and focussing on adding to my Pyrrhic Macedonian army by adding 2 units of Victrix Samnites. Been a plan for many years to add Samnites and finally got around to getting 2 x 24 figure packs from Victrix. These will be getting a very simple light linen tunic with blue trim… the star will be the lovely decals that will be on the shields.

There has some love going on my Team Yankee Germans as well but will leave them until fully ready for display!

Until next time…Terry out.

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