Hobbying Highlight August 2022 – Gamer Stephen

For something different I am going to add regular updates on what different members of the GarageGamers are working on.

First up is Gamer Stephen who was introduced to the Group in the past year by Gamer PaulW who has absconded to Vanuatu. Stephen lives in a neighbouring suburb to me.

Now currently Stephen has 2 Projects underway….an ECW/TYW 28mm Scots Covenanters Army and Warlord Games Epic Scale(12mm) ACW. Stephen has ready a wee brief for us.

The ECW force is Scots Covenanters, who could serve in the bishops wars, either side of both civil wars, mercenaries for continental wars and right the way through to 1746 and Culloden. 

The painted force is currently a unit of pike and shotte (two 60mm squares of pike, 8 figs each square, six 40mm squares of shotte, 4 figs each), a unit of cavalry (six 50mm squares, 2 figs each), light artillery (60mm square), Laird (50mm circle), and a unit of Highlanders (three 60mm squares, 9 figs each).

On the painting desk is another unit of Highlanders, and an artillery piece.

The ACW forces are a small Confederate force of 2 small regiments, a unit of skirmishers, 2 cannon and a commander. The Union force is 2 small regiments, a medium regiment of zouaves (114 Pennsylvania), the first base of the iron brigade, a cavalry regiment, 4 canon, skirmishers, dismounted cavalry, 2 commanders.

On the painting desk is the iron brigade and another unit of dismounted cavalry.

So without further ado….here are the pictures!

Aren’t they GORGEOUS!

Really looking forward to them making it to a battlefield soon!

Thanks Stephen……

Next up will be Keiths 28mm Macedonians.

Terry over and out!!

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