Team Yankee – First game March 2022!

So the first game in a new period for me.

Team Yankee!

For the non enlightened this is combat in 1985, NATO v Soviet Pact using 15mm models/figures by Battlefront. I had decided to collect West Germans and Goldie went with Soviets. So we had been assembling and painting models, adding some scenery and were ready to go.

Now I had no idea what I was doing…what the models were or could do and had not read the rules(who needs to for first game!) so expectations…well shall we say were not high! Goldie had played 1 game v Russ so was battle hardened and well read on the equipment(I feel that was a bit over the top personally).

So picture below is the initial set up…we rolled dice and I had to set up first…then have first move. Which worked out quite well actually. Goldie is in his beach shirt…trying to pysch me out.

So my army had in it a units of 5 Leopard 2s, 3 Marder 2s, Panzergrenadiers, Jaguar 1s, M109Gs, Rolands and some red eye teams. Goldie had 3 units T64s, infantry, Hinds, Shilka’s and some trucks with rocket launchers.

So turn 1….I had 5 Leopard 2 tanks….Goldie had 13 T64’s! First shots I took out 2 T64’s.

Then the long range SPGs let rip…woohoo!! 2 tanks destroyed and 2 bailed out. Love these guys!! Bonus infantry got pinned as well…AWESOME.

Goldie send the Hinds over to obliterate the M109s and Jaguars. They are LARGE and look darn impressive.

But he fired his tanks first and 2 Leopards bailed out(you test morale next turn to see if they remount…1 did)

Then the Hinds let rip…blew up 1 M109G… and one bailed out(it remounted next turn)

My turn…..sent my PzGrs into 3 buildings…moved the Marders up in support……..and my tanks took out 4 T64’s!! 4 more can be seen in southern wood…and command tank is ordering a Big Breakfast from Macca’s!

Have removed roofs so can see the PzGrs in buildings. The left team have a Carl Gustav and the other have Milans…plus MG teams. 2 Shilkas are using the blown T64’s as cover while the Russian infantry are right are no longer pinned.

Hinds have moved across to get at my Leopards. The Rolands and Red eyes let rip..

And 1 Hind is more! One of the bailed out Leopards had been destroyed.

The Shilkas have advanced and taken out the front squad. The Russian infantry have made cover of wall.

Goldie positioning some grunts in a building.

Heh heh….have taken out the command tank and Shilkas.

and the 2nd Hind bites the deck.

So the end game and Goldie has the infantry in centre remaining…

Bigs thanks to Goldie for the game and helping me out with rules and suggestions through the game. The dice gods did favour me……so we will give it a go again in 2 weeks…..with some changes to each side as Goldie still waiting for his BMPs to arrive….and I will be adding some scout vehicles….more PzGr’s…more Leopard 2’s and reworking the Marder 2s I expect.

So fun game…liked the rules…..expect will be some discussions on what constitutes a BROKEN army that will not be allowed to be fielded! In meantime….I need to finish the painting, decaling and basing of the force then add some more units.

Til next time…Terry out.

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