Black Sea’s

Now Alan and Russ have been collecting Warlord Games ‘Black Sea’s and have a number of sailing ships so I asked Alan if he would run an introductory game. I mean, what Wargamer has not read Hornblower, Bolitho, Ramage etc novels and wants to command a sailing ship!

So Alan set up a piece of blue cloth with 4 ships a side, each of a 3rd rater and 5th rater(Frigate). The British on the left were commanded by Rob in the top and Alan in the bottom of table. On the right with French were Steve and Goldie, with Russ commanding 2 Spanish in the bottom right. The wind was blowing directly down the table and 2 islands were in the center.

The Spanish ships with the French in the background.

Here are Alans 2 British ships.

Here we have a Frenchie moving forward. The base set comes with the dinky measureing sticks etc that you need.

Alan had purchased a bunch of flickering lights that were in the cotton wool so we had a great look to the shooting.

Close up of shooting…quite cool really.

Battle Kiwi have made some very cool battle boards to record vessel stats in as well.

Its quite an attractive game, it got VERY LOUD.

But did feel game got a bit slow with each player commanding 2 ships…and all relatively new to game…it did go a bit sllloowwww…but then I was watching and not playing.

And below we have a British ship sailing between 2 Spanish…..which as it turned out…was not a recommended activity.

As we can now see…or rather not see that British ship.

Now its end game in the south….and a British ship is crippled…on fire and has struck its colours.

What would Nelson say.

So that was the first game of Black Sea’s for most players…..its was loud….seemed lot of fun…..roll on the next on. Alan and Russ have painted up some really nice models and it looks a fun game.

Til next time.


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