Somewhere in Belgium…….

Hello again from the Hermit Kingdom…..where the latest bright idea from our leaders is to allow at Xmas those citizens in our largest city of Auckland(1.5Million) which is still locked up to allow 30,000 of them at a time to ‘book’ an exit time to go on holiday. But only if you are vaccinated…..OMG….what..idiots.

So I was reading an old Wargmes Illustrated which had a ‘Battle of Wavre 1815’ article which got me thinking of making a scenario where some of Grouchys Generals decided to march to the sound of the guns of Waterloo.

So the scenario is the game played down the table where a brigade of Dutch/Belgiums is a blocking force in a walled farmhouse/fields. French infantry and cavalry are rushing down roads and run into them….reserves then march on for both sides and we see how the game goes.

So the game starts with Russ commanding the Dutch in the farmhouse and Rob French light cavalry in march column rushing down a road. Behind them are 2 Dragoons and a horse battery. Robert has 6 French ligne marching up a second road which joins the first short of the Farmhouse.

Turn 1 and French light cavalry have been shot up by the troops in the Farmhouse and fallen back disordered. The Cavalry behind them are in march column down the road(was easier to just place them on the table). The start of Roberts brigade is on the second road. Behind them are a small legere brigade.

The Dutch blocking force is below. On the left is a line bttn in the open between woods and Farmhouse. The Farmhouse has 2 militia bttns in it. Between the Farmhouse and hedges is a battery and a Bttn of Jager is in the hedges.

The unhappy cavalry. I probably overdid the terrain by having the wood beside the Dutch line bttn.

Jager’s watching the French ligne. Very nice Perry sculpts.

A bit further into the game, a Hanoverian brigade has arrived down the road and a British light cavalry brigade has appeared on rear of table. French ligne are approaching the hedges.

Now 3 bttns of French ligne have advanced to the hedgerow…leaving a flank for a Dutch battery to swing onto…oh dear.

Rob started to move his light cavalry to support the French right.

And Russ moved the arriving Hanoverians to bolster his left flank. Note the French are now down to 2 bttns.

Allies now forming a strong position as more French arrive.

The British cavalry who had refused to move for 3 turns finally obeyed some orders. On right Hussars move up to support square. French Dragoons in distance.

French ligne charge Hanoverians supported by Chasseurs into the flank. Cavalry took some damage coming in but made it.

The Hanoverians lost the combat, but held so the cavalry had to retire with combat to continue.

And then I actually got some cavalry to charge the French in the flank……. I did damage but the French held and the cavalry were forced to retire. But the French brigade was now shaken.

More French charge in! They don’t win.

And the end game has the Allies in possession of the battlefield. The French ligne brigade has now broken, the legere brigade has made slow progress moving on and the game is called as an Allied victory.

So that was that. Think guys enjoyed the game, I overdid the terrain a bit but these things happen!!

Til next time.

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