Campaign Battle # 5 Fontainbleu

As L’Emperor Napoleon led his Imperial Guard away from Nogent sur Seine he received word that a force of Bavarians was ransacking his Palace of Fontainbleau. He straightened in his saddle and roared old his orders…..’To Fontainbleau we go!’

A division of Bavarians under General Stephan Hofbrauhaus had captured the Palace at Fontainbleau and was having a drunken old time in the wine cellar. They had some pickets out but had no thought to what Napoleon would do to them if he caught them.

The Bavarian Division was a good mix of troops, 2 line regts, 2 landwher, a jager, a battery and regt of Chevauleger light cavalry. Their happy commander is below.

The French commanded by Russ and Robert marched on the table on the road from Montereau. Their force included Napoleon, 4 regts Old Guard, 4 regts Middle Middle Guard , the Grenadiers a Cheval and Chasseurs of the Guard regt and a Guard horse battery.

The Old Guard march to the attack with the Emperor safe in their midst.

This lovely newly finished diorama is another classy paint job from Russell.

The Guard rushed straight into combat, hitting the first buildings from 2 sides. The Jager defending had been sleeping off a drunken stupor in the gardens so were disordered as they staggered in to buildings. Even so they managed to hold on for a couple of turns.

The horse artillery take out the Bavarian battery.

The Jager are still holding on, the Chevauleger sortie to help out….bad…bad call…..Old Guard infantry are not worried by light cavalry!

Once the first building was taken, the Guard then made multiple attacks on the rest of the Palace which they successfully captured. The Bavarians were destroyed with the Guard suffering some unit casualties only by Turn 6. It was quite entertaining as many dice were rolled, Steve actually won some of the combats and Russ/Robert had to use some of the ‘Steadfast’ rules the Guard have(basically pass first break test) to hang in there. But Guard are Guard…they are hard to kill off.

A victory for Napoleon and the French.


And that was Turn 8…..Goldie will now digest what has happened and we will get our scout reports and decide on Turn 9.

Paris is getting closer for the Allies.




2 thoughts on “Campaign Battle # 5 Fontainbleu

  1. Great photos, particularly the first one the has figures. Looking over the pomp of the Garde towards the chateau.

    The close up of the Emperor and his entourage is another fav.

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