January 2021 report on Production line

So its almost the end of January 2021 and so timely report on how poor my Xmas production has been.

I naturally am blaming others than my self, in particular our test cricket team who have performed way above their weight in winning 2 test series over our summer(such as it has been). As test matches go for 5 days…there has been alot of cricket to watch!

But , I have managed a handful of hobby activity.

First up are 4 Hanomags for my Panzer Lehr Bolt Action force. Have managed to assemble and undercoat 4 with the camoflage just starting to be applied. A couple of Stug 4’s are next up  and have started assembling the Panzer Grenadiers to go with the Hanomags.

With the start of the 1814 Campaign I decided I needed to rebase some of my 1809 era Austrian Army which were like the French, based on a different basing size. So 8 x 24 figure units have now been rebased. I had 12 Front Rank metal figures sitting around so am painting them up to expand a unit to 36 figures.

My Austrian Army has not seen much love over the last few years so am spending a bit of time not only rebasing but repairing damaged figures and adding some more units. The picture below is the current army status minus a Jager unit getting touched up at moment.

The line infantry are from Rosenbergs 4th Corps with the Grenadiers from the Reserve Corps at Wagram. Most figures are Front Rank. The 3 bttns in front centre are IR58 which go in the Avante Guard Brigade so will remain as 24 figure bttns. The remainder all need expanding to 36’s.The Orange unit needs 1 more bttn and then will add 3 bttns blue trousered Hungarians. The plastics on the left have sustained bit damage so getting repaired, then will add the next 3 x 36’s. The 6 bttns of landwehr at back are all thats needed. Have 2 bttns Front Rank Grenz to paint up in near future. I have added some Perry hangers on around the batteries, and have the gun caissons to paint up.

Close up of rebased IR58.

The cavalry arm are in partial rebase stage with Cuirassiers so far rebased. The 2 Hussar Regts should be large units, but rather add the Dragoon and Uhlan regts before increase their size.

Next up I have added to Russian 2 more 1812 Musketeer battalions for the 27th Division. These are Warlord plastics with Front Rank metal Reinforcement Command packs added to them.

That’s about it for now…. February going on holiday … March we have the Borodino refight but the production line will kick back into life by late March…..list includes more French Commanders, Wurttemberg Commanders, French battery and finishing another Byzantine cavalry unit and painting the Hanomags! Then move onto the Austrians getting some more loving.

Not to forget the 1814 Campaign will be chuggin along…….



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