1814 Campaign Game #2 Troyes

So battle #2 has been fought.

Wittgenstein(Steve) advanced from Vendeuvre across the River Seine to Troyes which was held by 4 bttns of the Garde Nationale. These outstanding lads were rated as Unreliable and morale 5+.

Steve is in the blue shirt, Alan (provided the Bavarians) in the red and Goldie who although Campaign umpire played the French is in the white. Below is the start positions. French on western side of the Seine. They have blown the bridge on the central road, however bridge on northern road is not blown. They have 2 bttns covering the 2 roads and 2  supporting. Allies can try and send one bttn across per turn in boats. It is 3 moves to cross. The northern bridge can only be crossed in column of march.

Allied turn one and a Bavarian line bttn gets across the river on the allied right.

There was one piece of high ground which 2 Bavarian batteries took over. This is their first shots…needed 6’s to hit…2 6’s rolled. Awesome.

French bttn by Northern bridge sustains 4 wounds and a disorder from shooting, it pops.

French turn 1, one bttn has been destroyed, second has retired from central bridge(its a destroyed bridge) with 3 wounds and a disorder. The 2nd line bttns now move up to cover bridges.

Allied 2nd turn, this Bavarian bttn between the batteries was the forward bttn, it was ordered, twice, to get into boats and cross the river in front of a French bttn, they decided to blunder and retire. Wise men.

Here we have Bavarian light infantry who have followed their General across the river!

Its turn 3, and by the scenario rules bad things can happen to the Allies if they have not established a bridgehead by the destroyed bridge at the end of this turn. In turn 2 their had been a number of failed orders on the allied side so it was all a bit nervous. The left French bttn has 2 wounds and is disordered. The centre bttn has recovered from disorder but is still shaken and the right side bttn is now shaken.

Allied shooting on the left bttn causes more wounds and Paul needs to roll a 7 to pass his break test, he rolled a 3 so thats the 2nd of 4 bttns gone.

In the centre a Bavarian bttn moved up to the river bank and fired, rolling 3 6’s and inflicting 3 wounds. The bttn that had crossed the river upstream now moved up and fired along with the light infantry, adding 4 more wounds, which with the disorder meant Paul was rolling a break test on a -8. So he couldn’t pass, but then he rolled a double 1 anyway.

So having lost 3 bttns the French break and the Allies take Troyes.

Below is Map showing Troyes.

The Orders for Turn 5 are now going into the Umpire, the next turn could be quite interesting.

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