Borodino Refight 7/8 November 2020(Day 2)

So its day 2.

Am writing this report a bit differently and will split the tale into the 3 sectors and report on the South, then the North and will end with the Centre. Napoleon has sent some more photos so will incorporate a few of them as I got involved in my wee corner and neglected to take many other photos(his camera took better pictures as well).

Before start…here a picture of the French players….don’t have one of the Russians…yet…

So in the South…..

At the end of Day 1 the Poles had lost several batteries, as had I and they had replaced theirs with 3 heavy batteries and Montbrun’s cavalry division has also made it down the road to join them. With the full French force on the table it was time to attack. There were some disordered and shaken units plus light cavalry in their front line. Perfect prey for Cuirassiers to attack on ‘Follow Me’ orders, smash them and breakthrough on the units behind causing morale checks which units would hopefully fail. Dispite the urging of Kutusov( who was not slumbering in the rear) I had refrained from rushing into the attack, until now.

At the same time Brent had taken over from Mark commanding the Guard brigade as they were now in his sector…so they were thrown into the Westphalians….I advanced Grenadiers in support.

Things were going well for Russsia, the Poles and Westphalians lost combats and units retired/popped. However my disordered Grenadier unit was left exposed in the front line! The plan was to withdraw it behind the line that was supporting it to the rear but Nappy appeared and distracted me. Then it was the French turn and Johnathon who was dribbling with excitement as he looked at my disordered unit in front of his Cuirassiers. A   ‘Follow Me’ order is duly made and in they come. My brave Grenadiers form square, however it is a ‘disordered square’ so the Cuirassiers are allowed to beat me up and I sustain 5 losses. Its not looking good.  I roll break test my break test.

The 2 green dice below with Russian Eagles on them are 6s’ and so I pass! Woohoo…Russians are so STAUNCH!! The Cuirassiers retire and in my turn the square moves to the rear 6 inches and is now hidden behind the unit in line.

Now that was a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card.

Further south I send 2 Cuirassier units into light cavalry who they counter charge. The cuirassiers as expected to win, and to not sustain enough casualties to be shaken so they perform sweeping advances which clear out the batteries, shaken infantry and more cavalry. This would my columns to advance with far less risk. Tuchkov died like all brave Russian Corp Commanders should…leading an attack!

A Big gap has now been made. In top of picture the Guard are taking it to the Westphalians(although the Westphalian Guard did take out a Russian Guard unit!).

The Poles and Westphalians are now retiring into woods and the lone battery is about to get a battalion in  the flank.

End Game. A Grenadier battalion has formed a square in the road in woods to stop any cavalry coming down it. Skirmishers are in the woods and a  line of guns with Grenadiers are facing retiring enemy in woods. The Cuirassiers and Cossacks plus some battalions are headed up to help out in the fleches. Brent has sent the Guard into join the Militia in woods beating up last of the 57th and secure not only woods but threaten French advance on the other side.

To the North.

This was obviously where the Russian push was going in…..

Eugenes troops behind Borodino…..Neys troops exiting woods.

A lack of French troops evident in the North.

Russians pushing through, there are French cavalry and artillery moving to oppose on the rear support table. But, Game called as Russian Victory in the North.

And the Centre…..

French pushing to left of redoubt.

Ney has cleared Jager and now advancing.

Eugene has been pushed back.

And in the Fleches Davout is fighting in woods and Fleches….there was some very noisey yelling going on around here all day. Periods of very good…or very bad dice rolls depending on your side!

The long reach of Ney. Russ on the attack.

Gorki Fleches with view down table.

The best defense is…attack.

Ney and Davout throwing everything in.

And the end……..Mark removing last of his combined Grenadiers…the Vistula Legion is joining in but there are a lot of shaken and damaged units…… in the woods the Russian Guard are now beating back Davouts troops…..and the game is called.

View from table end….

And that was our 2 day refight of The battle of Borodino, a Russian Victory.

The plan now is to refight in March 2021, with players swapping sides.

So now I can stop working on Russkies for a while.


A big thanks to the Bowling Club and to Kevin and Murray for manning the bar and providing the bbq saturday night.




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