Lockdown Report # 16

Well, we are into Lockdown level 3 now which seems to mean more traffic on road, and crazy lines of vehicles queued up outside KFC and Maccas .

I have failed to complete 2nd unit Byzantine cavalry……but that’s down to the decals being faulty. They are from LBM and to date I have never had an issue. But this time…arrgghh. There are 12 in the set….need 8 as the 4 mounted archers do not have shields…but after mutilating 4 decals attempting to peel off the the clear plastic cover…gave up. Quick email to LBM, and within hours reply…sound faulty…sending new set. What more can one ask?

So have moved to work on some woods in interim. I obtained 9 woods bases from Battlekiwi which hold from 5 – 9 trees on them. Beauty is if a 9 tree woods…can have as few trees as want as they are on 20mm discs and by using discs with no trees can create heavy or light woods. Gone for some terraining and a lighter colour than normal flock. Test base is below…..consider it a work in progress still.

Thankfully, others have been more productive.

PaulW has been busy rebasing newly acquired units from Goldie as well as painting units himself. Selection follows:

Iberian cavalry

Portugese Line Infantry…

British 1st Dragoon Guards from Waterloo. Paul and Alan are on a quest to have ALL the Allied army.


And last but not least…..Goldie has been busy over level 4…..locked in a dark room…..growing a Mexican bandito mousetache…..

And that’s all folks!


2 thoughts on “Lockdown Report # 16

  1. Must be something in the water. I’ve been working on trees too.

    Goldie’s bandito moustache doesn’t look real to me. Someone needs to get hold of one end of it and give it a B-I-G yank! 🤣

    von Peter himself


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