Lockdown Report # 15

Another 3 weeks of this……..

So Alan has sent through some pictures of more additions to his Carthaginian Army in 2 units of Iberian Caetati. Very nice they are to.

I have been getting hassled for sometime about the size of the bases on my older troops so I have started to rebase them to current convention. Way back when started my Naps, Von Peter and I agreed on a basing regime(well….I just followed Pete truth be told) which had 4 figures on a base and 6 bases to a unit. They look like the unit below.

And the 3 bttn Regt looks like picture below……

With the basing convention in the group being 4 bases of 50mm x 50mm being a 24 figure unit these units are just not fitting as take up to much space. So the first converted units are below. Now on standard bases, the bases are in my latest colour/flock variation of lighter colours(English Uniform with drybrush of Iraqi Sand) and have replaced the badly faded GMB flags with new ones and movement trays.

And below is a close up of the refurbished 33rd Ligne from 1809.

Below is a comparison between the old and new basing styles.

The greatcoated bttns of the 48th Ligne will be up next for an update.

The next offering is from Goldie. Now this crazy man sold off his French/British Portugese Spanish themed troops to PaulW. I swooped in early and acquired the French Guard Cavalry.

Goldie has now gone and started Front Rank French using the newer Reinforcement packs and is painting them in a style similar to my 33rd Ligne and also basing them similar to my newer basing style. However he has moved away from the 50mm x 50mm basing to 100mm x 50mm with a seperate Voltogeir base per bttn. I think it all looks rather smart. These are residing in my garage at moment and I will be adding the flags to them this week.

Below close up on a column. A VERY NICE paint job.

At present Goldie has painted up 3 bttns, here they are beside my 33rd Ligne.

As mentioned above, I obtained Goldies French Guard cavalry, they are all Front Rank so I really had no choice!

Gardes d’honneur

Empress Dragoons

Guard Horse Artillery

Grenadier a Cheval

Finally below is a shot of my Guard Cavalry. Command base are Front Rank(of course) figures painted as Imperial Guard Artillery Officers( refer page 65 of F.G. Hourtoulle book ‘Wagram -The Apogee of the Empire’ for the picture, had to have that look!)

And thats all for now. Von Peter has alerted me to Front Rank actually now being open again…but with 100 pound limit on orders… postal restrictions apparently….but that gets me 3 bttns French Reinforcement packs!!

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