Lockdown Report # 14

Its Monday 20th April and hopefully today we find out when level 4 ends!

My painting has been bit slow… work been busy(working from home 4 days and then go into Hospital on Fridays as opposed to work remote), then an unfortunate accident with a bean slicer with the thumb on my paint brush holding hand(lesson learned…contraption has 3 sharp blades where u push the bean through!) and daughter stealing laptop to binge play Sims4 then delayed weekend update.

So few updates today….

From me the first of my Byzantine Heavy Kavallarioi units is finished. Figures are from Gripping Beast Miniatures with the shield decals and banner from LBM . If the decals are out of stock on the GB site, LBM normally has them. I have started a Light Kavallarioi unit next.

Russ has added more French Napoleonic’s in a Legere Bttn and horse artillery battery.

Rob has also added some French Naps as well.

Hussar Generals

General Pajol

And Goldie has finished his 1813 Prussian/Polish buildings…..


Lastly, the Perry’s are in Lockdown but they have a plastic box set of Austrian cavalry to be released at SALUTE and I am really hoping Goldie and Alan who have Perry plastic Austrian armies will take advantage of all this Austrian Cavalry goodness and generate brigades if not DIVISIONS of Austrian HEAVY Cavalry goodness.

and that’s all for now……. lets cross our fingers for a sensible decision at 4pm!


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