Update: new units

So the Xmas and holiday season is well and truely over and as its nice and warm we Kiwis tend to go on holiday then. In my case that was several weeks at a lovely small beach side town called Whangamata on the Coromandel Peninsula where 2 weeks of sun, no clouds, no wind and days around 30 degrees celsius were enjoyed. I did take my Xmas present from my beloved along with me, a Warlord Games Roman Army box  plus an extra legionnaire and auxilia unit and managed to assemble all but the Praetorian figures.

These figures will be painted gradually over 2019 to counter the expected losses in campaigns to come.

The expansion of my Napoleonic armies has continued.

  • Austrian CL unit
  • Russian horse battery
  • Wurttemburg horse battery
  • 2nd Russian Hussar regt
  • French horse battery
  • French foot battery
  • Austrian Grenadiers
  • Vistula Legion

Pictures below plus pictures of the brigades they have now joined.

My Austrian light cavalry now number 2 regiments of Chevaulegers and 2 of Hussars.

Picture of new unit and then the 4 together below.

The Russian horse battery and 2nd half of the 8 squadron Hussar regiment join my light cavalry brigade.

Picture of new units and then the brigade below.

Below are a Wurttemberg horse battery to accompany a light cavalry brigade.

A few years ago we did a refight of Waterloo. I decided to paint the Dutch heavy cavalry brigade for the battle(mainly because I love the Front Rank Belgian Carabiners uniform). However not liking the Dutch uniform, I painted Wurttemberg Chevau-legers. I rally like the 3 regiments together. Am treating the Belgians as Hesse Darmstadt Dragoons when playing as French allies!

The French horse battery joins Jacquinot’s brigade of Montbrun’s light cavalry division attached to Davouts 3rd Corps at the battle of Wagram along with the 7th Hussars and 1st and 2nd Chasseurs-a-Cheval. The foot battery is an addition to my infantry division, Friants.

Picture of new unit and the brigade above. All figures Front Rank.

The French foot artillery bring me to 3 foot batteries. I have another base for next battery completed and figures/gun for next gun/crew on way from UK. These are on 75mm wide bases which was my initial size based on a bttn having a line frontage of 200mm and my reading saying batteries tended to be 2/3 frontage. Rest group started on 50mm bases, so I made the Austrians/Russians 60mm to fit in and they have now moved to 75mm bases! I ain’t changing them as quite like my bases.

Below are 2 bttns of Austrian Grenadiers(2 more to go…1 below painted by me, 1 from Sri lanka. Shite paint job so have been heavily touched up. 2 more shite units to be touched up plus some surgery…lost quite a few broken metal muskets in transit.. grumble grumble)

And lastly my small Polish force. 2 units of Uhlans(that normally play as Russian Uhlans until get real Russians) and 2 bttns Vistula legion.  These are Warlord Games figures which friend Keith decided he would like to paint. Need 2 more to finish brigade. Somehow lost the metal command figures…then ordered some nice Front Rank ones with a small order did last month…..but did not click on the save selection button so did not get ordered…next order! Idiot.

The new units were painted by moi, plus Keith and of course Goldie. And Fernando Enterprises in Sri Lanka… who vary between great and crap.

Currently on paint table have packed away all Napoleonic’s and have a 10th century Byzantine army under construction.



4 thoughts on “Update: new units

  1. Lovely looking collection of Front Rank Napoleonics – Austrian cavalry are particularly impressive! Look forward to seeing your progress on the Roman army over the coming months


    • Howdy Kerry,

      Byzantines are Gripping Beast…do have some Crusader but size wise not a fit…may use those for SAGA. The banners/shield decals are amazing and really looking forward to getting some units completed. Romans are Foundry/Warlord Games and size wise they fit in perfectly. The Foundry are nicer models , especially the cavalry…Warlord horses are not that good as a rule(well from those I have anyway).



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