My first Early Imperial Roman Army were 15mm Mikes Models figures. They really looked like small, squat dwarves. Probably close to those dwarves in the Hobbit movie. It was so long ago I bought them by getting 2 pound postal notes and sending them to the UK for the figures!

Then in the early 2000’s a group of us did a big order to Foundry when they had a sale…about only time you could afford to buy in bulk(postage and VAT is a killer and they do charge TOP $$). So I purchased an EIR army. Most of the army was painted by Craig Watterson for me and it was based to play Piquet ancient rules. Then Warhammer Ancient battles was released, and that was it…..a rule system I could get into, nice fluffy books written by enthusiasts and with nice pictures!

With the demise of WAB, the figures languished in boxes. Then Hail Caesar was released….and as I kind of understand Black Powder…it was an easy rule transition to make. I find am getting old(some would say grumpy, at times a justified comment!) and limited ability to learn new rule sets so Terry was a happy man.

So last Xmas I started a rebase of my troops. I have based units onto 60mm x 60mm bases with 3 bases making a unit for infantry and 6 for cavalry(3 bases wide and 2 deep). Formed infantry units are of around 20 figures per unit and cavalry are 2 figures to a base. The Army are a base of Foundry metal figures, I have added some Newline legionnaires at one stage and more recently there are Warlord Games units added. There are lots more to paint and about 5 years ago I bought some lovely A&A 2nd Century Romans which will be getting started on soon. These will be seperate infantry and cavalry commands. I also have a 10th century Byzantine Army which from time to time feels some paint love.

The Army as it currently stands has 4 infantry and 2 cavalry commands

The Emperors Command group is quite large and strong, 2 Units of veteran Legionnaires, 1 unit Praetorians, 1 unit Cataphracts, 2 units Auxila, 1 unit Scorpios and 2 small units of archers. Not decided exactly how to base my skirmishers…working on it.

Infantry Command 1 of 4 units Legionnaires, 1 small unit Auxilia archers, unit Scorpios and small skirmish unit of archers.

Infantry Command 2 of 4 units Legionnaires and small unit skirmishing archers. A Scorpio unit will be added.

Infantry Command 3 of 3 units of Auxila, 1 unit Celts, unit Scorpios and small unit of archers.

Cavalry Command 1 of 2 units Auxila Cavalry. They will be getting 2 more units of cavalry.

Cavalry Command 2 of 1 unit and 1 small unit of Auxilia Cavalry. I have managed to get some more Foundry cavalry on Trade me(NZ’s ebay) so will expand the small unit out. They will also be getting 2 more units of cavalry.

Casualty markers – these dice are to big so will get dice to match shield colour of units, and are smaller. Have 10 at moment but making more so every unit has one allocated.

The Emperor, enough said!

Foundry Praetorians

Foundry Legionnaires, they used several sculptors hence differing size of figures. There is a Newline hidden in there as well.

Warlord Games Legionnaires. Good size and style match for the Foundry figures.

Foundry Auxilia

Warlord Games Auxilia. Tower over the Foundrys!

Foundry Auxila Cavalry

Warlord Games Auxila Cavalry, really nice figures.


Foundry archers. Have both Eastern and Western archers in mix.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum…..

Well, actually Group member Alan painted these, they are Warlord Games figures. Then Victrix bought out theirs and Alan decided to sell these on Trade Me(local ebay) and invest in new figures. I boosted the price on Trade Me several times as you do…then got left holding them. Not that complaining, they fit in and I have a small unit of Foundry Celts painted so will add a few more to them and boost up to a second Warband.

Foundry Archers. Am allowed up to 2 skirmish units per command so will add some more skirmishers. Have some Balaeric slingers and Greek javelinmen to add.

The paint table looking tidy with selected Romans units to add.

Close up of what will be coming off the production line. There’s 4 command packs of Generals to go on command bases. A unit of metal Auxilia cavalry, the Balaeric slingers(2 small units), a battery of 3 Scorpios , an Onager, a unit of Auxilia infantry and a unit of Veteran legionnaires. After these will add some more Cavalry. All purchased either on Warlord deals or sale at local Online Retailer, Mighty Ape.

Then will move onto the camp command. Have some wagons, mules, engineers etc plus will look to the new ‘Gangs of Rome’ range for some camp followers.


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