Game 1 for 2016!

I got a call from John Hutton over Xmas to say he was bringing a visiting American friend with his son(who is also John’s Godson) down to Wellington from Auckland on January 5th to see the ANZAC exhibitions and he inquired if they might be able to play a game(it was that or I jumped in and suggested it, never can recall details). So a game from 1pm was booked in and John emailed the group and not surprising everyone, even those working said they would be round.

So John decided he wanted an ACW game so I set the table up with Alan’s assistance as for the Battle of Glendale. However with the paucity of Rebel troops at our disposal I decided to have them defending and the Union attacking, or rather that was my plan which of course lasted all the way until turn 1!


The hall of Infamy for the game are above, from left to right is Paul G, John Hutton, Silas son of Ivan and Godson of John, Alan, Ivan father of Silas, Russ and Paul W. Paul G was working and arrived for turn 2.


The Rebels were to defend the right hand side of the river. At the far end is a road exiting where reinforcements might arrive so the stream crossing and road needed to be held. Paul W had 2 infantry brigades, 2 cavalry regts and 2 batteries to hold this end. In the centre Ivan had a 2 brigades infantry and 2 batteries of 24 pounders in position. What had not told them was they only had 3 rounds of ammo for these 2 batteries. On the near end Russ had a large brigade of 5 regts and on turn 2 a further brigade would arrive. They would be elite. Russ had 2 batteries.

On the Union side Alan was at the far end with 1 brigade of infantry. Silas was in the centre with 2 brigades of infantry and John was at the near end with 2 brigades of infantry one of which was advanced over the stream and was starting in the woods.


Silas has moved both his brigades up into a field so 8 regts are in one big mass! Risky. Johns troops are moving up to cover their right flank.


Paul has arrived from work, he in the loud shirt while I am feeling the stress, already opened a rather nice wine to sip whilst resting in the sun.


Johns front brigade has rushed forward allowing Russ to get a regt onto his flank…….its not going to be pretty. And it wasn’t. For some reason I have not taken any decent shots of this part battlefield. But Johns advancing Union troops discovered an abandoned rebel battery which they used against the Rebs. But all to no avail and Russ had Johns brigades destroyed by the end of the battle.


Russ’s second brigade is on the table and rushing forward to fill gap to Ivans forces which are holding Silas’s mass of Union troops in the field.


Paul W using cavalry to try and take advantage of the gap between Silas in centre and Alan on the Union left flank. At this stage Paul marches a brigade in beside Alan and moves forward to close the gap. Paul W was trying to get the cavalry in a position to charge the Union artillery that was galloping onto the battlefield but just could not do it!


Left hand side above is Paul G first brigade with one of the 2 batteries I let the Union have the turn before. Alan got the other 1. The brigade of 5 Union regts on the right I offered to John as Union CinC to arrive anywhere on their edge. John chose to commit them here with Paul G getting allocated them. The were unreliable meaning needed to beat command roll to move. I had thought these reserves would be committed on the other side of Silas and pushed through between Ivan and Russ where would have had a straight run towards the church(objective) but alas were committed here.


Above shows action on the left and centre. In woods can be seen Union and Rebel flags as they fight it out to hold stream line and take or hold the road. The Rebel batteries in prepared positions can be seen on the ridge line. Ivan has still not fired his 24 pounders! Pauls front brigade is crossing the stream. In the fields Ivan moved a regt around into Silas flank and started shooting up down the line. Russ was aggressively pushing forward to hold Johns 2nd brigade as well. Units were starting to be destroyed or fall back.


Action in the fields! Action in the fences/fields slows you down as imposed 6 inch penalty for crossing the fences and 6 inch visibility in the fields.


Top left can be seen Alans troops in woods, behind then some Union cavalry are arriving. Because Alan never got to threaten cutting off the road, there was no reserves rushing in from the corner to assist the Rebels, plus they did not need them in the end! In the centre Paul Gs left brigade is rushing through the corn towards the batteries. The Unreliable brigade can be seen at the stream and in the foreground are the remains of Ivans central brigade which performed rather well..


Alans cavalry advancing towards the stream with Paul Gs infantry in distance advancing up the ridgeline. They had been refusing to move and 2 units units dismounted skirmishing cavalry with sharps would have come in handy!


I like flag shots!


And the game draws to a close.

I blame the wine because I missed taking a picture of Russ’s whipping of Johns troops(sorry John!). Russ was in a position to roll up the Union line from the woods.

In the centre Silas’s Union troops were no longer in a position to push forward thanks to Silas and Ivan pretty much taking each other out.

On the centre left Paul G had 2 basically intact brigades but there was no time left for them to achieve the objective and there were enough Rebel units around to keep them at bay until Russ came stomping down the rear.

Further over Alan and Paul W had spent the day in the woods and stream keeping each other busy and both still had their cavalry intact.

So a victory to the Confederates and I hope Ivan and Silas enjoyed their game!

Below is a picture of a Kea at Mt Hutt ski field doing what they do, destroy the trim on cars(it copied over from camera so though may as well use it)


Until next time.


2 thoughts on “Game 1 for 2016!

  1. Damned rebs!

    At least the visitors enjoyed themselves. Perhaps a nascent tourist venture in the making?! πŸ’°

    This blog could end up quite the money earner in other ways as well should Vogue or some other trendy fashion magazine spot the photo of yourself, your wine and the newly arrived from work Paul G! πŸ˜ƒ

    von Peter himself


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