A New Year

Hello Folks.

Its 2016 and a New Year for Gaming!

Apologies for lack of activity past couple of months. Was having vision issues and after a day at work last thing could face was another computer screen. Unfortunately it also meant no painting of troops so need make up for lost time in 2016!

In the past few years the Group has presented the mega gaming weekends that were Leipzig and Waterloo. For 2016 we have an ‘inbetween year’ where we will be rearming with Austrians and French(plus allies) for my favourite Napoleonic era of 1809. Mid year we will have a refight of Aspern Essling within the group with early planning at a 50% scale of units with the aim of it being a buildup to a full blown Wagram refight in 2017.

In 2015 a number of new gamers to Napoleonic period found their way to the Garage for games and hopefully in 2016 they will come back with their own forces(please….something other than British!).

Current forces under construction as far as I know are:

  • Me(Terry) Russian Grenadier Commands to finish a brigade and ACW Union Generals then Austrian Landwher for 1809
  • Alan has been making buildings for Aspern Essling, adding the last of his Waterloo French Division units, some Belgic units and for some reason AWI unit.
  • Paul G has a Bolt Action tournie in a couple weeks and no figures painted so that and his Portugese be getting churned out
  • Paul W has gone insane and is working on WW2 Pacific Japanese Fleet for Pearl Harbour
  • Russ has joined this insanity and is working on the American Pacific Fleet(their fleets actually look pretty darn good!)
  • Ray is building an Austrian force while son
  • Michael is building a Russian force

That’s all for now.






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