ACW Game September 9th – Refight of ‘The Battle of Glendale’

Hello again!

Our late August game was cancelled due to a combination of illness and overseas travelling amongst the group.

So the next game was to be a refight of the Battle of Glendale which was fought on 30 June 1862 and was part of the Peninsula Campaign known as ‘The Seven Days’.

The players are Terry,Russ,Alan,PaulG,Keith and joining us Raymond Hutchinson with his troops and scenary!

The scenario is essentially that from Wargames Illustrated issue 287 from September 2011 and was written for Black Powder.

The table was the standard 12 x 6 foot with Terrain as follows:

  • Woods makeup a large proportion of the table and provides soft cover
  • Planted Fields also provide soft cover
  • the creek has a 6 inch movement penalty

Deployment is as per the map with brigades being of 4 or 5 regts,

On turn 2 following deployments occur:

  • Union: Burns deploys on Union edge with no regt closer than 6 inches to any other regt in the brigade.
  • Confederate:  JR Andersons brigade deploys on the Confederate table edge within 12 inches of Sykes Farm.


The Union Commanders would be:

Alan – Taylor,Sully and the 3 batteries south of the creek.

Keith – Dana and Strange(4 regt brigade each with 1 stamina wound) plus 3 batteries

Paul G – Grover and Burns

The Confederates would be:

Terry – Field and Anderson

Russ – Wilcox and Jenkins

Ray – Branch,Archer(4 regts) and Pender(5 Valiant regts)

The Union win turn 1 and initial deployments shown below.



A daunting sight in front of Strange Brigade!


Rays Grey Hordes!

Alan’s 3 batteries open up and disorder 1 regt and get 1 casualty on another. It could have been much worse.


2 of Alan’s guns gone! Top left Sully advances through fields. Jenkins in top right advancing as well.


In Union centre Strange has formed his brigade into single line. Top can be seen Rays Pender and Archer brigades racing to join up with Branch. The Union suffered a number of failed command rolls so Dana and the Artillery did not come up in support yet.


View from Anderson’s newly arrived brigade down road to Field’s brigade with the Union brigade of Taylor over the bridge.


In the centre the casualty markers behind the regts in Strange’s brigade tell the tale.Russ is advancing aggressively and Alan in the foreground has Sully advancing to support Union centre.


On Union left Grover is still at starting position! Rays brigades are now advancing out of the woods and have even found an abandoned Union battery and now about to turn it on the Union lines!!


Union left flank where Burns has arrived and formed front line. Dana has moved to plug gap to centre.


Back to centre where Strange’s brigade is looking fragile. The stamina level is 3 per regt and a regt has been destroyed, the others have several casualties and disorders so with out some pressure being taken off it is not looking good.


Strange’s Brigade breaks!


On Union right their front line is disordered and shaken! But they are giving it back with Reb units also disordered.


On the Union left the Rebs are pressing in hard! Who will break first!


On the Union right Taylor has been pushed back and now Anderson has got a flank on Sullys regts!


In the Union centre the batteries were now at medium range and starting to do some damage. Strange’s brigade has broken and Sully is under pressure.

ACW The End

And the Union left flank shows Rays Rebs pouring forward!

And at that stage we called it a game.

A rushing victory for the Confederate cause!

5 thoughts on “ACW Game September 9th – Refight of ‘The Battle of Glendale’

  1. I would like to do that scenario again. While the confederates have a numbers advantage (and Pender’s brigade being valiant is a big plus), the Union have artillery. The confederates were able to march forwards very quickly die some good command rolls. And the union artillery batteries at the rear come forwards, the confederates may have struggled.

    Paul G


  2. It wasn’t through lack of trying that the Union artillery didn’t come forward. In a foreshadowing of Napcon, Alan and Paul struggled to inspire their troops to do anything more than go “huh? you want us to do what? In these shoes? I don’t think so”


  3. It wasn’t for a lack of trying that the the Union Artillery struggled to advance. They were given plenty of orders to do so, but in a strange foreshadowing of Napcon, Al and Paul had great difficulty in bending miniature men to their will.

    In an equally prescient manner, Terry and my sesationists positively leapt across the table!


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