April 2023 – Hobby Update

Been a while since the last update and a few things have been added. The following are what I can recall!

First up are Victrix Unarmoured Samnites which were a joy to assemble and paint. Went for simple tunic and let the shield decals star.

Close up of command base.

The slow expansion of my 1809 Austrians with a 36 figure unit being added.

This completes a brigade of 6, with the other 5 needing the addition of 12 figures each to make up to 36s. Thankfully I have the figures already.

2 more Netherlands Militia bttns.

Which now completes the brigade.

My Team Yankee West Germans. The choppers are missing…rather fragile and rotors have fallen apart and in repair shop. View from above.

View from front.

View from side!!

Doing an expansion of my C10th Byzantines Heavy Infantry by adding several units of Rus. Using plastic Gripping Beast Vikings and Dark Age Warriors with commands from metal/SAGA ranges with addition of the rectangular shields. I really should have used Victrix Vikings as these figures really don’t rank very well at all. These current project so obviously, not finished!

At Xmas I picked up a box of Fireforge Byzantine Auxiliaries to really see if they matched with my Gripping Beast figures and they do. Planning cavalry expansion as the Fireforge are plastics far cheaper than metals and the postage from GB is a killer. Below are archers in light mail.

Standard skirmishing archers.

The guys who stand in front of the battleline with long spears to stick them in horses. Crazy dudes!

Sigh…..while I waited the lonnnnnng awaited Perry Franco Prussian French…that I first begged them for 20 years ago over a beer and Chinese meal here in Wellington…..I started practicing on some Foundry French. The quality of casting is……poor…being polite..its REALLY BAD! Which is why they have languished in a box for years. I have never drilled and filed figures as much as these required(actually…on reflection I did have a unit of Connoisseur Cuirassiers which I was going to bin but Brian the ‘Woolshed Gamer’ took them off my hands that were worse) …and these were the best of the bunch.

But the good news is Goldie was at Salute on Saturday and has picked me up 3 boxes of the newly released plastics to start with.


Thats all for today……Happy Painting….Terry out.

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