March 2023 – ACW Game: Battle of Cross Keys June 8th 1862

So this year has kind of been a series of games playtesting Valour and Fortitude rules….. so time for a change and a game of ACW.

The Battle of Cross Keys and Port Republic the following day were pre cursors to the Seven Days Battles outside Richmond which we have played in the past.

So for the game Goldie and Alan played Union with Robert and Russ playing Confederates and with Steve a no show…I made the drinks!

Scenario has Confederates holding a creek line, with a bluff in the centre with 2 artillery batteries on it which has a view over entire battlefield and cannot be frontally assaulted. They have a cavalry regt on each flank and a reserve brigade of Louisiana troops off table. Robert is on the left and Russ on the right.

The Union are deploying from the north west with Goldie on the western side and Alan the eastern. Each has a flanking cavalry regt , 2 batteries are in the open in their centre and some more attached to brigades.

The terrain has the Confederates on a wooded ridge with the Mill Creek to their front. The woods extend on both flanks deep into Union deployment with a few buildings and abridge on the western edge of table. The Creek is a 6 inch penalty to cross with the the woods half speed to move in and 12-inch visibility for shooting.

The confusing map below was how actual battle went.

Initial set up below…..Goldie has Union commands west of centre road….Robert opposite with Alan on east side of road with Russ opposite.

Robert’s batteries on the Bluff with Goldies troops in distance.

Union troops advancing in centre towards bridge.

Schenck’s brigade on Union right.

Trimbles brigade awaiting Alans advance.

Schenck advances into Stuert’s gray lines firing range!

Goldie charged his cavalry at Roberts…didn’t make it…so Robert then charged and they met in the river.

Union left flank…cavalry dismount and skirmish towards creek. Russ’s troops appearing in treeline.

I was dragged to other flank by an aggrieved Goldie over his dice rolling. He insisted I take picture of the 3 x 1 dice rolls. These are saving throws from shooting…and 1 is not good.

Particularly when 3 casualties make a unit shaken and the rest of the brigade looks as below. Robert rolled high..Goldie went low……and that is one seriously in trouble brigade.

The cavalry fight after several more attacks resulted in Rebel victory.

Now in the real battle the Confederates used a ravine to sneak into Union flank….so here is Colonel James Walker with the 13th and 5th Virginia Regts! Alan was not impressed with me.

The long line of Goldies shot up brigades.

Taylors Louisiana Brigade has arrived and is moving to support Walkers flanking attack.

An ‘Oh Dear’ moment… would have expected the skirmishing Union cavalry to ‘Pop’ easily..alas these lads are made of stern stuff…and held!

But….. Walkers 2 regts have supports lining up behind them… distance another Union brigade is advancing.

And the next turn we have the Union cavalry gone….Russ has got a unit across the creek into Union flank and Alan has a number of damaged units… advantage definitely to Russ.

On the other flank Robert has held which combined with Russ winning position gives game to Confederates.

So there we are, another pleasant evening’s gaming.

ACW is really quite a chill period to game…colourful…the rules are period suitable ,,,you get to roll lots of dice…and laugh a lot at them!

No Whisky of the week……..but am enjoying a Good George ale at the moment!!

The mixed 6 can pack below is just delicious.

Until next time…happy gaming.


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