May 22 Game – ACW Bartletts Farm 1863

Now my garage is unavailable this month for games so I asked Alan if he would like to host so he offered up an ACW game. So Alan picked a scenario from the Black Powder Supplement ‘Glory, Hallelujah!’ in Bartletts Farm 1863 on page 158.

This scenario was akin to the battle of Chickamaunga on September of ’63. A Union force, knowing that the Confederate army was near, had taken post near a crossing on Brown’s Run. The Confederates realizing that this comprised a small Union Division had decided to crush it while it was exposed and isolated, before any troops could march to its aid.

So the players for this game were Keith and I as the Confederate players with Alan and Goldie as the Union players.

Keith had Wilsons Brigade – 4 regts rifled muskets and a 6pdr battery , and Oates Brigade of 3 rifled muskets, 2 smoothbore muskets and a 12 pdr battery. I had Evans Brigade of 1 rifled musket and 2 smoothbore musket regts plus a 6 pdr battery then Bowers Brigade of 2 rifled muskets, 2 smoothbore musket and a 12pdr battery. Divisional commander Scott was attached to Keith’s force.

The Union had a group of anonymous Generals commanding(scenario didn’t name them!). Starting brigades for Union were Alan with a Brigade with a breechloading rifle, 3 rifled musket and a 6pdr battery. Goldie had a Brigade of 2 rifled musket, 3 smoothbore musket and 12pdr battery.

The Union had 3 reserve brigades which would arrive on the table edge on a roll of 4+ and at a randomised spot.

The Confederates got to move first. Or rather we tried to…..I failed with both brigades…Keith made a bit of a move.

So below we have part of a brigade that did not move, while in distance Keith’s Rebs are racing for the stream… in far distance…..Bluecoats!

Keith’s centre with stream to front then Goldies starting brigade awaiting him. In distance the Union reserves start to arrive..Alan managed get them to all arrive on turn on…he felt guilty !

Union troops in the farmstead…..fields and 2 brigades have marched on!

On Reb right and Keith is over the river…..his shooting has ‘Whupped!’ several units who are forces to pull back outside of 12 inches with reduced fire power. The 3 black counters mean this unit now shaken so I think brigade has now broken.

From the Union side Goldie formed an arriving brigade on lines and then on their next order…instead of advancing, they blindered to the right behind the farmhouse! Keith can be seen advancing 2 regts across the stream…..beside wood I have a rifle regt shooting away…and with the battery in front of the farmhouse had now ‘Whupped!’ the Union regt in their farmhouse…so their firing was now reduced.

‘Whupped!’ units are not destroyed but must retire from enemy and stay outside 12 inches and shoot at reduced factor and count as destroyed for morale purposes. So they can be annoying for both sides….are in way of reinforcing troops…and have to be chased off by attackers as can still shoot at you!

On the Union left Alans newly arrived brigade after dithering has advanced to attack. The brigade behind them has 1 regt which blundered off the table!

Facing the advancing brigade is my left brigade……. the small one but was still able to deliver lots of firepower.

Back in the centre…the bridge Alan whipped up for the game on his new 3D printer! AWESOME!! Keith’s units can be seen advancing on the right… rifle regt has pulled back as was getting shot up…..but still in range… and along with the 2 batteries ‘Whupped!’ the regt in front of farm and pushed it back.

On Reb right Keith is like ‘A pig in muck’ as the phrase goes!! Outflanking Union which has really taken casualties and Goldies getting blunders on his arriving brigades has not got them in position to save this flank.

A look dowb the table. At the top Keith has pushed Goldies starting brigade off table and has swung into Union flank. Of the 2 Union arriving brigades committed here one has formed a defensive line but Keith is now flanking it. The second brigade has suffered damage and will also get hit in its flank. Alans start brigade if south of the brudge with 1 regt on base edge still from where retired from field. Then Alans reinforcing brigade has advanced…suffered and is now retiring.

On the Rebel left flank where I have stayed back and let the Union come to me Alan has taken enough damage to now pull back!

In the centre Alans starting brigade is still fighting , you can see the naughty run away regt in distance on left baseline.

Wow…this is where game finished…was 10:23pm and go home time…but am sure Keith would have liked 1 more turn! Was on flank of Union line with lots of combat power ready to go in.

And this brigade was positively screaming out their ‘Rebel Yell’ for their next turn!

So that was the battle of Bartletts Farm.

Conclusive Confederate Victory even with the Union 3 reserve brigades arriving on turn 1. Turning point really was the blundering of Union brigades when ordered to advance and also failing orders to advance allowing Reb side to pour fire into the 2 starting brigades and Keith to get his 2 brigades across the stream and into the Union flank.

Really good game!!( I am as always biased :)) Keith and I threw a LOT OF SIXES during the game….our dice were running hot…Goldie threw sixes as well…but normally 2 at a time when giving orders making his brigades BLUNDER. Beautiful.

Very attractive terrain Alan has made with his wee gaming boards…a great Xmas project he did and now with his 3D printing am looking forward to lots of great terrain pieces. I have placed an order for more stone walls when he has time…… at the moment he is making Waterloo buildings…and they are beautiful… a big game could be coming along……best finish my Dutch brigade!

Til next time…Terry out.

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