ACW Game Iuka, September 19, 1862

A quick report on an ACW Game. This time is a battle from the ‘Glory, Hallelujah’ supplement of Black Powder.

So on the 19th September 1862, the Union Army in Mississippi commanded by General Grant dispatched a force commanded by General Rosecrans to destroy a smaller Confederate force commanded by General Price. Thanks to superior scouting, Price was aware of Rosecrans advance and determined to pounce on one of his columns.

So on table below we have 2 Union brigades on the left of the table along a road. These are the brigades of Mower and Sullivan. A third brigade, Sanborn’s will arrive on turn 3 close to the measuring tape in the left corner. The Rebel forces are 2 brigades with Herbert’s in the front and Martins in the rear.

Below are Union troops along the road.

The Rebels try to advance against a very strong Union line.

Some very busy Union artillerymen.

The Rebel attack really stalls trying to get through the woods in the centre.

So all 3 Union brigades are now in play and the superior numbers are pushing the Rebels back.

Now at the end the Union Army had the Confederates on the back pedal with a number of Rebel units being ‘Whipped’ and retiring as the Union troops approached. A clear victory would have been if the Union had taken the crossroads just to their front. Alas, I hadn’t reminded them of this……so they didn’t launch their attack in time….. perhaps next time!

But I think the guys enjoyed the game…. lots of insults were traded which is always a good sign.

Now the whisky of the week is a favourite of mine. I seem to have a particular liking for offerings from Glenmorangie and this is certainly true of The Quinta Rubin 14.

The tasting notes are below.

Nose: Summer fruit tart with a sprinkling of icing sugar, aromatic cedar, milky coffee and almond pastries.

Palate: Chocolate mousse, Bourbon biscuits, orange oil, more almond notes (now toasted), blackcurrant and raisin.

Finish: Lasting richness of stewed berries and dark chocolate.

Which to me means it is rather smooth and a delight to savour as I watch Liverpool in action once again.

I would like to thank my daughters for getting this for the recent birthday. We had to do a rush to our local Bottle O shop to get it on the night the latest Lockdown was enforced by Kommissar Redcinta. We just beat the slavering hordes to the door as they sought to sate their thirsts in the coming days of lockdown. Thankfully, I knew it was in stock and at a very good price!

Til next time, which seeing we are locked down again, will be a Lockdown report.

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