Campaign Battle # 8 Meaux

So the latest battle to be fought was the battle for Meaux(pronounced MMoooooooooo) where a Division of Garde Nationale was garrisoning the town on the Canal de L’Oucrq which had just been completed and provided Paris with water.

Having been alerted to the presence of a French force in Meaux which I did not want left on our supply lines as we advanced on Paris, I set off to eliminate the threat. My force comprised a Russian Cavalry Corps of 6 Regts , an Austrian Infantry Division of 4 large Regts and a Wurttemberg Infantry Division with 5 Regts plus assorted artillery, all commanded my myself, Prince Frederick of Wurttemburg!

Arriving on the battlefield I found the town defended by 4 Regts of Garde Nationale with fortifications around the town and it was on the otherside of the canal with a large bridge crossing it.

Imagine my surprise when a large Russian force appeared unannounced on the opposite end of the table!! Woohoo…. the task just got much easier!

So Goldie commanded the French, Alan the arriving force of Langeron which had another Russian Cavalry Corps and 2 Divisions of 6 bttns each and assorted artillery.

Below is the town of Meaux on the other side  of the canal with my lovely BIG bridge crossing it.

The set up position is below. Game was to be 6 turns in duration.

Must say looks quite impressive line up…..massed Russian cavalry is always attractive site.

View from the town over the BIG bridge to the Wurttemburgs with the Jager skirmishing. I love these skirmishing rifle armed sharpshooters…the extra range is just the best!!

First round Allied shooting has started to cause casualties.

I decided sending 2 large Austrian columns into 2 sides of building should be enough to win a fight… should have learned from the Lagny game…. I didn’t do enough casualties and French stayed. In the building next door I ran the Jager down the road and into the building where they could shoot up the corner French regt.

The end game is coming up. Alan has crossed canal and firing artillery and Jager into the 2 regts on his side of the town. On far side I had Austrians in line shooting as well as batteries which added to the Jager in the building shooting meant the corner French unit was obliterated. So 1 down, 3 to go. At same time Alan obliterated the right unit you can see on his side of the village.

The end game coming up. French in building have lost combat and retired back to the next building. Austrian line occupied the building vacated and Russian Jager have occupied the other building. I even managed to get a ‘Follow Me’! away on my horse battery so it could race up to the canal and join Alans mass firepower on the last regt.

Which worked and the 3rd regt was destroyed and that was  the game with the Division now destroyed.

So that was a fun little game, nice to give Alan and Goldie a chance to roll some dice.


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