Campaign Battle # 4 The Battle for Nogent

So it was dawn after the 2nd Battle of Troyes and the Druidic Mist has gone……

Hordes of Russian Cavalry set off across the broad, flat plain between Troyes and Nogent……they burst into the town to find the French fleeing down the road West to Bray.

With blood in their eyes…the Cossacks lead the Hussars in the chase….many are the French cut down…..guns are captured…. many wagons…but no quarter is given.

REVENGE is had.

So the French have fled Nogent, the damaged cavalry along with Napoleon are no where to be found, only Marmont’s Corps which gets a bit cut up and loses its artillery as it flees. Goldie performed an Umpires resolution here, not sure of actual French casualties…just there were some.

Below is the campaign map for the South Western sector. I anticipate a battle or 3 shortly.

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