Lockdown Report # 4

Terrain Maker extraordinaire Paul Weakley has supplied some pictures of his Russian forces arrayed around the Bagration Fleches. The terrain boards Paul made for the Borodino game make a table 24 foot long and 6 foot wide. This is but a small section of the battlefield.

Watch and weep you Frenchies…. we are ready for you!

Note the darker green/brown areas are actually woods…just trees not in their wee sockets at moment.


And below have focussed on the fleches. There were 3 but we are not using the smaller centre one.The fleches are made from the resin pieces I purchased from http://www.paulsmodellingworkshop.com/

The guns and gunners in fleches are mine…..the rest of the Russian masses are all Paul’s. The figures are carrying powder bags from the Perry ammo wagons I am completing.


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