Campaign Game: Bautzen 1813(played in 2019)

The latest Campaign 1813 game threw up a refight on the same terrain as the battle of Bautzen 1813.

The scenario rules for the battle are below.


The map to be battled over is below. In this battle our Campaign God Russell decided each side would not get the orbats for the other, however our scouting alerted us to the French commander Marmont probably having 3 infantry divisions,with some batteries and cavalry defending the river line. Oudinot was known to be advancing in support and our scouts had estimated his force at several infantry divisions and some cavalry.

It was my turn to run the Allied side and I was again Blucher. I placed the Prussian cavalry on the extreme left of our deployment with the orders to move round to threaten the French flank. The Prussian Guard infantry were split into 2 forces, both in the centre to the right of Bautzen where they were to hold until an appropriate time to dominate the French centre. The Prussian foot artillery to support the centre while the horse artillery was to face Bautzen with one battery added to the cavalry command.

PaulW again had the Russian Guard, or rather what remained of it after the battle of Spremberg, and they thirsted for revenge. They were placed on the Allied right flank with orders to advance and turn the French flank and be a blocking force on any approaching French reserves.

Keith would have Vorontsov’s troops with the infantry to the left of Bautzen with the cavalry the right. The Jager to skirmish in front of Bautzen and to await the Prussian reserves before engaging.

The Prussian reserves of Yorke to be split between Terry/Blucher and Keith. Terry to get 1st Brigade to support the cavalry on the left flank, Keith the 2nd/8th brigades for the assault on Bautzen and Dolf to support them.

From Constantines reserves, 14th Div to support Paul. The artillery to bombard Bautzen thus allowing the Prussian horse artillery to move to support the Prussian Guard assaults. The cavalry to join the left flank cavalry attacks.

Tormasov entry points were on eastern edge of table so we really needed to get control of that then bring the cavalry on in support of the Prussian cavalry. Keith/Terry to command.

The French force under Marmont were a surprise. They deployed leaving their left flank in the air, awaiting Oudinots arrival. After Spremberg where the French all arrived at the start and the Allied reserves much later, this was taking a risk as they had 3 entry points on  their left and no troops covering them.

Oudinots force was different to my assessment in that the 2nd division was cavalry and not infantry as expected.


We played this game at Alans house in his lounge/dining room. Its was a wee bit dark so the pictures are not the greatest. Below is the French right/Allied left flank.

A close up of the Bavarians on the French right flank with Bautzen to the top right. Bautzen town was held by 2 bttns while the castle had 2 more.

Prussian cavalry on flank ready to take off around the open flank.

Bautzen with Bavarians to the left rear and more French on other side of river on the right.

Allied centre with Prussian Guard, Russian Grenadiers, Prussian guns and Russian Dragoons…. French on other side of the river.

Allied right with PaulW’s Russian Guard

View from behind French right where Alan commanded 2 divisions.

French centre where Goldie had 1 division.

Prussian cavalry on turn 1, not the mad rush I hoped for.

However on Allied right…there was  a mad rush from the Russians.

In Allied centre batteries engage French guns over river while guard jager skirmish in front of brigade of guard.

PaulW ordered his grenadiers to turn and march off after the guard. Unfortunately the managed only to turn…thus presenting flank to French(like turning back time to Spremberg when same sight….).. however I managed to get a Dragoon division into the gap on order to charge any enemy that approached within 12 inches. Whew.

PaulW’s troops continue to pour across the Spree with no opposition.

On Allied left Yorke arrives early with 1st and 8th brigade marching onto table.

French view from behind Bautzen.Sorry, not a good photo. Russain guns have deployed in top left while 8th brigade marching down road towards Bautzen in top right.

View from French left where Goldies ladz see a lot of Russians closing in.

With PaulG rolling up the French left flank, and still no sign of their reserves…I launched the Prussian Guard into Goldie’s troops. My artillery on the right eventually took out the French artillery…. I got some good rolls with my horse artillery when advanced to point blank range.

Allied left where Prussian infantry and artillery are advancing on the Bavarians while I attempted to the the cavalry to charge…managed to get 1 charge away…on a shaken unit so forming square did not help them……but rest were very disappointing!

Its not looking good for Goldie as PaulW rolls up that flank.

Russian guns opposite Bautzen….1 battery at close range…1 battery moving behind them to set up on other side…..and 2 more batteries on the right. I love the large Russian batteries.

Troops lining up to charge Bautzen and also the supporting Bavarians.

In centre, Prussian guard have taken out the French guns and some infantry and engaged with more to their left.

Allied right where Prussian infantry attacking Bavarians.

Part of the massed Allied cavalry on the left waiting…and ….waiting to attack the juicy targets to their front.


It was at this point the French called the game.

Our 2 day game had lasted 5 hours……..the 3 divisions on the table were…doomed……the French reserves were due to arrive…but the Russian Guard and undamaged Prussian Guard with significant artillery and cavalry and all of exceptional quality(yes am biased) was waiting for them.

Post battle discussions resulted in a halt being called on the campaign. We will look to activate the armistice and allow the Austrians to save the Allies and recommence at a later time.

In mean time, we are looking to develop an army points system which John Hutton has designed. The first test of this is next week when 4 x 300 point armies will face off. The aim is to develop this and run a competition at the Wellington Warlords annual convention ‘Call to Arms’ in August. Its early days…but looks like will work so…well done and a big thank you to John for all the number crunching that has been done.

While we park the Campaign for the moment…a HUGE THANKS TO RUSSELL BRIANT for running and putting up with us through it!

We as a group now have increased French armies, new Russian and Prussian armies ready for the battles to come.


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